Hello BabyQuip!

We are so excited to introduce to you our new name, Baby Quip!

New BabyQuip logo

Our company launched just over two years ago with the name Babierge. We liked the connection to “concierge” because we know our customers value the service we deliver. Unfortunately, Babierge is difficult to spell and pronounce, see this video where we went to Times Square to put our former name to the test. “Bar-by-Age”?

As our world is changing, we need a name that works well with voice search. When asked to search for “Babierge,” Siri and Alexa returned results for “baby hairs” and “baby airs,” not so helpful for a parent seeking a crib, stroller or car seat!

We love BabyQuip. It’s short and to the point, since we deliver baby eQUIPment to traveling families. We’re growing fast and want a name that can grow with us, even in international markets. The logo, centers on a crib, because when a baby sleeps, everyone is happy. We also love that the crib has wheels since we’re a service for families on the go, whenever and wherever you need us! The star mobile above the crib represents our independent Quality Providers’ attention to detail, and consistent and reliable customer service. We don’t just deliver baby gear, we deliver safe and sound rental essentials. Let us do the work so you can pack light and travel happy!

baby playing wtih toys

Finally, its all a bit more playful. We’re about  family travel after all, let’s embrace the journey, celebrate the smiles and play every chance we get!

Here’s to a future of countless happy family travel experiences and all the ways BabyQuip can help make that happen!

4th of July Safety Tips

happy mom 4th of july

Independence day is a summertime favorite for parades, family BBQs, kiddie pools and fireworks. It’s a classic way to socialize and spend the day. Children can often go unsupervised when it comes to all the excitement so we’re offering up nine tips and reminders to keep the little ones safe and having a great time from the early morning parade to the late evening fireworks display.

happy mom 4th of july

🎇 4th of July Safety Tips 🎆

1. Keep Extra Water on Hand: Dehydration can set in fast with the summer sun and high temperatures that July typically brings. A few bottles of water can save kids from exhaustion and tantrums.

2. Designate a Meeting Spot: With the large crowds and commotion that events can bring, a safe meeting place is a great idea. Communicate with your children where to go and what to do if they become separated from you.

3. Obey Barricades: Whether you’re at a large event or a local hometown parade, pay attention to kids to keep them behind barricades and out of the street.

4. BBQs and Grills: Children are inherently curious about food and cooking. Give them a grill tutorial before the heat is on to avoid injuries. Think about having the kids draw a safety zone around the bbq with chalk so they know exactly what to avoid.

5. Wear Proper Shoes: While it may be tempting to let those little piggies wiggle in the freshly mowed grass, proper shoes are a must. Coals and sparks may secretly jump out of the bbq waiting to be stepped on. Or even worse, hot sparkler sticks may get tossed into the lawn.

6. Kiddie Pool Play: It’s no doubt that kiddie pools provide hours of cooling summer fun, and these portable, fun and convenient bowls of plastic are probably filled to the brim for your 4th of July get together. Even though these pools are relatively small and shallow, they cause several drowning deaths every year. Have a designated adult ‘pool watcher’ at all times. Take shifts to keep all the little ones safe.

7. Fireworks at Home: If you choose to set off fireworks at home, err on the side of caution and keep the kids well away from the blasting area and educate them about possible dangers. This really goes without saying, but you can never be too cautious!

8. Fireworks at Dusk: Boom! Simply put, fireworks are loud! This can be startling to babies and small children. Keep the peace with noise canceling headphones. They are a wise investment for watching fireworks or attending any loud event.

9. Summer Basics: With all the planning for the day’s events don’t forget the summer basics like sunglasses, hats and sunscreen!

If you happen to be traveling for the holiday, declare your own independence from bulky, inconvenient baby gear. Rent gear, toys and packages to keep travel quick and simple! Check to see what’s available in your next destination city.

Do you have any important 4th of July safety tips you would like to add or share? Is there something we missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

We Have Achieved Toddler Status — It’s Our 2nd Birthday!

We are talking, running, completely potty trained and we’re celebrating with juice boxes and cupcakes! Spit out your pacifier, give us a hooyah and join the celebration. Babierge has officially turned two! And like proud parents, we couldn’t be more excited of what we’ve built!

Babierge Group Photo

It’s difficult, exhausting and inconvenient to travel with cribs, strollers, high chairs, car seats, and other large baby gear. If you are a parent who has traveled with babies and/or small children, you know the internal kicking, screaming tantrums you throw every time you try to get through airport security with strollers and car seats. Oh, you did that out loud? It’s okay, we forgive you! Anyway, we understand it’s not ideal and sometimes even a downright horrible experience. Babierge is the simple answer to get you through all the potential travel hurdles (flying or driving) without losing your composure.

Now that you have a little insight into why we strive to make Babierge a success, let’s find out how and why we’ve grown:

Our Amazing Quality Providers Drive Our Business

Our biggest win is bringing on 250+ reliable, compassionate, fully trained and insured Quality Providers. They are the warm hearts and friendly faces of the business as well as baby gear rental experts. If they aren’t, they get put in timeout…just kidding, but we do uphold strict standards to make sure every traveling family receives the finest high quality gear and the best experience possible!

Our Quality Providers are in 225 markets in 48 states and Canada, serving 10,000+ customers with over 50,000 pieces of baby gear!

If you become a customer (and we highly recommend that you do 😊), think about how much you will reduce your carbon footprint by renting instead of buying, shipping or hauling! You’ll be a smarter traveler and an environmental activist!

Feedback & Reviews

Like any other business, if we aren’t pleasing our Quality Providers and our customers we couldn’t be successful. By offering amazing customer service and baby gear, we have been handed thousands of phenomenal reviews, feedback and fist bumps (that confirm we are awesome) for the past two years. Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us:

Victoria – Seattle, WA   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The best baby equipment rental company we’ve used, and we’ve used a lot of them over the US. Equipment in excellent shape and high quality. Debby went above and beyond to accommodate our schedules and additional last minute requests we had. Highly recommend.”

Katherine – Des Moines, IA   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“First, Savannah is a wonderful family getaway; second, Judi made our time there incredible. She met us at the airport and had thought of everything: Sheets for the Pack and Play, instructions for the Bob Stroller, and a conveniently organized package for our hands-full pass off. Judi was incredibly accommodating, meeting us at the Enterprise rental area and was flexible as our travel times changed. I truly couldn’t have been more grateful for her products (clean and, frankly, nicer than the ones we have at home), her business, and the way she manages her schedule to maximize yours. Highly recommend!”

Andrea – East Greenwich, RI   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“So happy to have found Babierge for our trip to Los Angeles. Sarah was fantastic, her service, quality of communication and products gave me such ease to know that I would not have a thing to worry about when my family arrived late at night to Los Angeles and would need to put our son to bed. The products were all clean, well cared for and well presented. She also picked out a perfect assortment of books for our 2 year old! Thank you for making our lives so much easier – we will definitely be returning customers!”

Pamela – Milton, GA   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“My niece came to visit from MI!! She has 7mo old twins, a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old!!! With ONE DAYS NOTICE, Karris delivered cribs, car seats, high chairs, activity chairs, monitor, toys, etc all to my home in Milton!!! She was sweet and kind and came in with her helper and had our rentals set up lickety split!!! We will definitely use her again and strongly recommend her!!!”

Phil – Bonney Lake, WA   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Our grandchildren are 2.5 and 5 and so their trip from California to visit us was a handful for their parents without having anything extra along. My daughter had heard of your company so we decided to give it a go. I was skeptical but figured if it was all gross and sketchy we’d just go buy some car seats the next morning. I was worried about the local rep too. Would she be some wierdo? In fact no she is not. She brought a friend with her to meet us the first time (probably for her safety. Smart girl.) and the car seats we rented were spotlessly clear and smelled clean too. The pack-n-play was the same one our daughter has so that was awesome. Also everything clean and fresh with that as well. This rental experience could not have been better.”

Melissa – San Antonio, TX   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Could there please be a Lisa Peek in every city we travel to, with our three children? Please? We have used Babierge in other cities, and have always been impressed. Lisa went even farther above and beyond with her service. Her communication was top notch, reaching out at all steps in our travel. She delivered right to our hotel room with all the gear. (And may I add, she’s a Wonder Woman Momma- she delivered everything with her own bunch in tow. I can’t even handle 2 of my own in Target. 🙂 All the gear and toys were very clean, and thoughtfully age appropriate. Our kids had a blast with it all, and it made our vacation that much more fun. Lisa continued the communication, even after pick up. She made everything a breeze! Lisa is professional, patient, and all around just a really sweet and kind person. I sincerely hope if we visit San Antonio on another trip, I will get to be her client again.”

Long winded reviews are fantastic compliments. Don’t they make you excited?! We could go on and on but instead, we’ll invite you to look around our site to see what amazing gear and packages you might find to rent for yourself. You’ll be submitting an amazing review too once you experience the awesomeness! You’re going to love it!

So there you have it! Whether you’re a repeat customer, a Quality Provider or an outsider looking in on this fabulous service, we thank you for reading and being part of our growing community! If you have questions or comments, leave them below and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

2018 Safe Family Travel Report

Parents Want Safety Help When Traveling

As the summer family travel season kicks off, Babierge introduces our first annual Safe Family Travel Report, based on survey data of  US families with children age four and younger. This year’s report coincides with the company’s new safety-focused Baby Gear Rental Policy and is informed by our colleagues at First Candle, a leading national nonprofit committed to eliminating sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related infant deaths.

Families love to travel! Approximately 98 million US and Canadian families will travel in 2018.* Many have already booked accommodations and carefully considered the beaches, museums, and attractions that will lead to a memorable family getaway this summer. Hotels and vacation rentals are gearing up for what promises to be a busy summer vacation season, and grandparents are greatly anticipating actual face time with their grandchildren as they finally see their smiles beyond a computer or phone screen.

With so many travel details to coordinate, safe sleep and play for their young children at the family travel destination may not always be top-of-mind for many parents. However, this research indicates parents do care deeply about travel safety and they want the travel industry,  and even their own parents who may be hosting them for visits, to offer gear and other resources that provide safer sleep and play options for their children.


Cribs are key.

Sixty-eight percent of parents with children under age two believe it’s important for a hotel or vacation rental to have a full-size crib so their baby can sleep more safely, with nearly a quarter (24%) indicating it is extremely important.

What’s not so safe?

Sixty-nine percent of parents indicated they slept with their infant in their beds while traveling, with thirty-nine percent of parents indicating they’ve done this frequently.

This data ties into a concerning trend. From 1999 to 2015, SIDS rates have decreased 35.8 percent. However, the rate of accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed among infants has increased 183.8%, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.



According to Alison Jacobson, CEO and Executive Director of First Candle, “There’s only one safe environment for a baby to sleep–that’s alone in a crib, bassinet or portable crib. Babies should sleep on a firm, flat surface with a tightly fitted sheet and no blankets, bumpers, pillows or stuffed animals.


What else keeps our little ones safe when traveling?

More than two thirds (70%) of parents would like to see electrical outlet covers available at hotels and vacation rentals, and more than half would like highchairs. Other top safety-related items many parents would like available include cabinet locks (43%), safety gates (41%) and bed rails ( 39%).


How safe is grandma’s house?

While parents were much more likely to give their in-laws and their own parents’ homes an A (32%) or B (36%) when asked to grade these locations in terms of how safe they were for their visiting infants and toddlers, parents were more likely to award a C grade to vacation rentals (53%) and hotels (49%).

Only two percent of parents gave hotels or vacation rentals an A score. When it came to a failing grade, hotels (6%), vacation rentals (5%) and grandma’s house (2%) all received a few Fs.  



Can the travel industry help?

Ninety-two percent of parents would rent a “safer baby” hotel room — one equipped with baby gear to help their child sleep and play more safely — if it was available to them.

Parents want other supports available for their families when staying in hotels/vacation rentals too, including air quality monitors for carbon monoxide & radon gas (72%), information about the nearest hospital & emergency room (68%), a drinking water filtration system (46%) and information about the cleaning products used on the premises (32%).

What did we learn?

Wherever they stay, almost all families traveling with young children would like more help when it comes to safety. Ninety-five percent of parents surveyed want access to additional safety-related gear, information, and support from the travel industry, or from their own parents.

Far beyond the availability of cribs, parents would like an assortment of safety-related gear available to them when traveling, including high chairs, outlet covers, cabinet locks, safety gates, bed rails, doorknob covers and infant bathtubs.

Some parents anecdotally told us they would like to see televisions and dressers bolted to walls, and rooms with fewer sharp corners or breakable decor. Clean floor space was also important. Some also suggested changing tables, sippy cups and airport shuttles with car seats.

Finally, as the leading baby gear rental service, one data point surprised us all at Babierge: Only twenty percent of parents were aware they can rent baby equipment when traveling!


For more information about this report, please contact trish@babierge.com

Download infographics here.



*Based on a 2018 survey on Millennial American family travel by the American Automobile Association and a 2017 survey of Canadian travel trends by Skyscanner.ca.

Babierge Talks Safe Baby Travel with First Candle’s Alison Jacobson

Learn About our New Baby Gear Rental Safety Policy

Babierge takes safety seriously. From the beginning, we’ve had important safety standards in place, including mandatory gear safety and cleaning training for new Trusted Partners (TPs) and providing customers with the manufacturer’s instruction manuals for safety-related gear like car seats.  We don’t rent cribs with a side that lowers. When items are returned, we carefully inspect and clean them before they go back into inventory storage. We mail in a registration card or go online to register the products we purchase for our inventory so we can easily be notified in the event of a product recall. We also check products against recall lists and monitor those lists on an ongoing basis.


Room sharing without bed sharing

Sadly, we learned that one of our Trusted Partner’s friends lost a child to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  While perusing our social media, she saw a post that was not aligned with the recommendations of SIDS organizations.  We then learned that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommends that cribs be bare without blankets, pillows or even a mesh bumper–an item we were renting.   We realized that we could do more to improve our safety policies and set a standard for the baby gear rental industry.


Consequently, we quickly dug deep, learning everything we could about baby gear in relation to SIDS safety guidelines. In less than 48 hours, we removed images and content in our social media that was not aligned with AAP recommendations or guidelines from leading SIDS organizations.

Then, we introduced a Comprehensive Safety Program, requiring all TPs to be in full compliance with this policy and subsequently inspected each Babierge site. In addition to mandatory gear safety training, registering baby gear and providing customers with instruction manuals, our new safety policy requires each TP to Not offer certain products for rent, including:

  • Blankets for cribs;
  • Extra mattresses for Pack ‘N Plays;
  • Bumpers of any kind or products to be used in the crib, such as wedges or sleep positioners, as per the AAP’s safe sleep policy;
  • Car seat protectors;
  • Teething guards;
  • Dock-a-Tots or similar sleep products.



Opt for a wearable blanket like a Halo Sleep Sack

Our new safety policy also requires 100% image compliance. We don’t allow images of cribs, or other gear in which a baby sleeps, to contain soft bedding, blankets, bumpers, pillows or soft toys on the site or on Babierge social media channels.

Finally, we looked at messaging in relation to our gear and made some safety reminder messaging mandatory. For example, copy for rental bed rails must say: “Portable bed rails should not be used with infants.” We also warn customers that “pressure-mounted gates are not approved by the manufacturer for placing at the top of stairs.” As we know, only hardware-mounted gates should be used there. It’s important to acknowledge how quickly Babierge TPs made these changes. Everyone wants to get this right.  


To keep the safety ball rolling, I chatted with Alison Jacobson, the CEO/executive director of First Candle, a leading national nonprofit committed to eliminating Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related infant deaths, about our safety program and what else we could do to ultimately help families keep their babies safe when they travel.


Alison’s first child, Connor, died of SIDS in 1997, when he was four months old. We understand how deeply infant safety issues resonate with her, and with parents worldwide. In addition to her role at First Candle, she is also known as the “The Safety Mom.” Here’s what Alison has to say about our new safety policy—and more!


Q: What do you think about Babierge’s policy and campaign? Is there any way we could further improve it?

A: You’re off to a good start. But I would add a couple of things to Babierge’s safety policy: In addition to not renting blankets, include pillows too. I would also stress that only the fitted sheet that’s made for the Pack ‘N Play should be used. If a sheet becomes loose, it’s a hazard.


In addition to the bed rail copy, it would be great to remind parents, whenever possible, that infants should never be placed in a bed. For customers, you want to have everything spelled out. Social media is a great place to promote this message and everyone appreciates when brands and organizations do so.


Q: What are the most important things traveling families need to keep in mind in terms of SIDS prevention?

A: Over the years, the SIDS’ rate has gone down, which is great. But the infant mortality rate hasn’t. What’s happening? Accidental suffocation is on the rise. You can reduce the risk of SIDS, but there’s no 100% way to prevent it. But you can 100% prevent accidental suffocation. It’s something parents and grandparents need to hear. It’s an empowering message. There are steps you can take to save your baby’s life.

To reduce the risk of SIDS and prevent suffocation, traveling parents need to make sure their baby is in a safe sleep environment. In a new surrounding or if they haven’t rented a crib or Pack ‘N Play, there’s a tendency to bring the baby into bed. To prevent accidental suffocation, you don’t want that baby in bed with you. Don’t let your baby sleep overnight in a stroller either. It’s not safe. Move him to a crib.

Q: Our TPs recently had a question about Rock and Play sleepers. Does First Candle have an opinion about these type of sleep products? Are they appropriate for overnight sleep?

A: The only safe environment for a baby to sleep is alone, in a crib, bassinet or portable crib on a firm, flat surface with a tight fitted sheet and no blankets, pillows, stuffed animals or bumpers.  Opt for a wearable blanket like a Halo Sleep Sack.


Q: Babierge works with a lot of hotels and vacation rental companies. What role can these companies play regarding SIDS prevention/safe sleep options when accommodating traveling families?

A: If hotels and vacation rental companies provide Pack ‘N Plays and cribs, I would love them to provide safe sleep language with these products, including:

  • Always place baby on back for every sleep time
  • Use a firm sleep surface covered with a fitted sheet
  • Room sharing without bed sharing
  • Keep soft objects and loose bedding out of baby’s sleep area
  • Consider offering a pacifier at naptime and bedtime
  • Avoid overheating
  • Do not use home breathing and heart monitors to reduce SIDS
  • Avoid commercial devices marketed to reduce SIDS

Again, have everything spelled out.


Put babies to sleep on their back

Q: What about grandparents? Are there common safety mistakes grandparents make with baby’s sleep environment? How can Babierge TPs work with grandparents to make sure these customers use baby products safely?

A: Talk to grandparents about why you don’t rent crib bumpers, that a safe crib environment is bare. You also want to talk to them about putting babies to sleep on their backs, not on their tummies or their sides, and to not place babies to sleep on a soft surface, like the sofa. One of the biggest arguments people have for why they place babies on their stomach is they’re afraid of them aspirating. But babies are more likely to choke when they’re on their stomach. It’s the opposite of what most people think.


Q: In addition to renting the safest baby products and avoiding those that aren’t safe, what else can Babierge do to help keep babies safe, in general, when customers rent baby gear?

A: This is more the Safety Mom talking, but encourage your customers to rent baby gates. If they’re going to visit grandma or grandpa, a rental home or a family with no kids, baby gates are an easy way to make unsafe areas off limits, such as the area near the china cabinet, the kitchen when you’re cooking, the big screen TV, the home office or the home gym. Use a pressure mounted gate at the bottom of the stairs and between rooms to keep babies out of there. Caution customers to never use a pressure mounted gate at the top of the stairs.


Also, if your friends or grandma or grandpa has a dog, encourage your customers to use a gate to keep your baby away from the dog’s food. We’ve unfortunately seen bites from the most docile dogs who become territorial when baby gets near their food.


Q: Last question: Have any other baby gear rental companies reached out to First Candle?

A: No! It’s surprising. You’re the first.

Memorial Day is the Official Kickoff to Summer — Enjoy it!

When you feel the warm breeze on your face, hear the song birds chirping and the smell of the sizzling grill tickles your nose, you know it’s going to be a great Memorial Day weekend. You’ve probably got the basics already planned but we’ve got a few unique suggestions to make your Memorial Day unforgettable.


Play at the beach

‘Tis the season for bare feet, salty hair, and cooling waves. Be sure to pack some beach balls and shovels too for your kiddos to play by the water. With no school (yay!) and early summer breezes, packing up the beach bag can lead to some lasting  Memorial Day memories.   Traveling for the holiday? Pack light and rent a Beach Fun Package. Better yet, have the family try their hands in Bocce Ball, a simple game for the whole family to play — learn what you need and how to play here.


Spectate your local event in style



Local events such as block parties, barbecues, fairs, amusement park celebrations and parades will  be in full swing this Memorial Day weekend. Want to attend but travelling with little ones who may not last through a day-long event? Rent gear that keeps them comfy all day long, like this Amusement Park Package. It  includes a stroller or wagon, bug spray, sunscreen and even a fan to keep your little one cool as a Memorial Day cucumber.  A stroller is a must-have item to extend your day, and your fun, and give your kiddos first-class seats at any spectating event.


Prepare a family picnic for a day at the park

With a simple trip to the grocery store, a checkered blanket and the basket lying around in the garage, you can get the whole family to make sandwiches and drinks for a day at the park. Break out the containers and cooler for egg salad, lemonade and all your go-to summertime favorites. Don’t know where to start? Whole Foods has some prep tips and recipes to help get you off the ground running.


Go fruit picking at a nearby farm

Kids are berry picking machines! A PYO adventure will definitely result in huge smiles, lots of giggles and adorable berry stained fingers. Be sure to have the camera ready, this will be a great photo op! Cherries, strawberries and blueberries are growing all over local family farms, ready to be your family’s next healthy summer snack! Supporting local agriculture is just an extra plus to skipping the grocery store and getting delicious, fresh fruit right at the source. Head over here to find a pick-your-own farm in your area.


How are you spending Memorial Day? Tell us your plans for additional inspo in the comments below!

How to Pamper Mom on Family Vacations

We set the bar rather high in terms of our family vacation expectations. Must-haves commonly include easy travel to a warm, welcoming location; lovely, uncrowded beaches or picturesque pools; a packed itinerary that keeps the family entertained and engaged; scrumptious food and serious family bonding time as we turn off our devices and reconnect with our tribe.

High expectations for our children are fine, but family vacations should also provide an opportunity for parents to rest, recharge, and let out a grateful “ahhh” as we dig our toes into warm sand and pick up the hot-read of fiction. Some moms, especially stay-at-home moms who are accustomed to parenting on an almost 24/7 schedule, might need a little nudge, or loving reminder, that it’s OK to slip away for a little mommy down time. Spouses and partners (and kids!) will reap the rewards of a well-rested, pampered mom for the rest of the vacation.

Here are four easy ways to pamper mom on your next family vacation.

Massage Magic – Let mom start her day with a quiet breakfast followed by a deep tissue massage that works out all the physical and emotional kinks of parenting. Soft lights, even softer music, and a little time to drift where her unencumbered thoughts take her as tight muscles are coaxed into relaxation. Total bliss and luxury!

Afternoon at the Museum – Although it’s likely you’ve already explored some of the kid-friendly museums at your vacation destination, mom might have a museum in mind that has zero kid appeal. Give her the afternoon off to explore her own interests. Oh happy mom!

Solo Dinner and a Movie – Take the kids out for a night on the town, or hunker down in the hotel for a movie marathon, while mom gets to dine at the restaurant of her choice, perhaps lingering over a fine wine, or a luscious desert, before dashing off to see her #1 movie choice.

In-Room Pampering – It may not take much more than thirty minutes in a warm, aromatic bath, a dimmer switch, a candle and a locked bathroom door for mom to unwind. If you’re renting baby equipment for your family vacation, be sure to ask about a Mommy Pamper Package.

No matter where you’re traveling, Babierge has baby gear and rental packages that will pamper your entire family – because you deserve it!

Spring Travel Sleep Saver Guide

We know when it comes to family vacations there’s one common denominator to coming home with happy memories: sleep.

These tips will have you spending more time sleeping soundly and less time rocking a restless baby to sleep this Spring:

1) Embrace Routine – If you usually do bath and a story before bedtime, stick to that schedule.

2) No Tummy Surprises – Last thing you need is an upset tummy. Feed your baby meals like the ones at home and avoid new foods and sweets before bedtime.

3) Bring a Piece of Home – For infants in an unfamiliar environment, sleep comes easier with a sheet that feels and smells like home.

4) Beat the Jet Lag – Gradually nudge your baby’s nap and bedtimes closer to your destination time zone the week before you travel. Alternatively, stick with your home time zone for short trips.

5) Extend Your Night – If you don’t have a dark room or a room with shades, bring or rent blackout shades that stick to windows.

Traveling around North America this Spring? We’d love to ensure your family sleeps smoothly throughout your travels. Reserve sleep packages and other gear in your upcoming vacation destination when you click below. 

Great Airlines for Young Children

There are tons of airlines out there, some great for traveling children, some, not so much… These are out top 5 airlines for getting you to and from your destination happy and relaxed:

SouthWest – 2 free bags checks plus 1 carry-on per person, great movie and entertainment, free itinerary changes, and early boarding for families means no one will be sitting the next row over.

British Airways – Great for long hauls, BA provides a bassinet to families in bulkhead seats, diapers, baby food, and free flight bags containing activity books, crayons, and toiletries.

Virgin America – If you’re traveling with kids under 5 you get to board first and enjoy famously spacious seats as well as premier entertainment systems with live TV and video games.

Air Transat – One of Canada’s best, they have exclusive family check-in lines, bassinets for babies in bulkhead seats, stimulating children’s activity books, and infants fly free when sitting on a guardian’s lap.

JetBlue – Pre-boarding for families with children under 2, unlimited juice and snacks for hungry mouths, plus guaranteed kid-appropriate movies and entertainment.

While these great airlines take care of your transit, we’ll get the baby gear – cribs, strollers, car seats, toys – anything your kiddos need so you can make epic memories, sleep well, and avoid expensive luggage fees and damaged baby gear.