Trick-or-Treating Safety on Halloween


For many American children (and grown-ups), Halloween is one of the greatest nights of the year. It’s a time to get creative, crazy, whacky, and spoooooky as we carve menacing jack-o-lanterns and adopt frightening alter egos. While it is important to help our children free their inner ghouls, princesses, witches, goblins, ninja warriors, and any other monstrosity they can dream up, it’s just as vital that we make sure our kiddos don’t forget the rules for staying safe and happy during the trick-or-treating frenzy.

1) Mom and dad get to look at any piece of candy before kiddos munch away. Any candy that is not in the wrapper must be thrown away.

2) When out trick-or-treating, kids must use a flashlight or reflectors so cars see them walking from home to home, (especially if a street has no sidewalks!).

3) Always cross streets at corners and crosswalks, and never run into the street without holding mom or dad’s hand.

4) Don’t run ahead without letting a parent know where you are going.

5) Never enter a stranger’s home or car and avoid houses with unlit porches.

6) Don’t eat more than 10 pieces of candy on halloween night… or any night after.

There you have it, the 6 rules you need for joyous Halloween. Now go out there and collect those treats and make those tricks!


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