7 Ways to Make Flying With Babies Easier

One of our purposes at Babierge is to take the weight off your back when you travel. We want you to be able to carry only the essentials through the airport so that things like arrival, passing security checkpoints, dealing with customs, boarding your flight, and driving to your final destination are a piece of cake. But we know that there are a whole set of obstacles that present themselves during the actual flight. Here are seven tips to make flying with babies even easier:

1) Organize important items in a wine bag – Wine bags are dirt cheap – less than $2.00 in most places – have six spaces for organizing items, and fit great under plane seats. These bags keep baby gear organized and save you the time and energy spent digging through a larger bag for items. 

2) Bring ear plugs and candy for other passengers – Planes are tight spaces and babies can be very loud. If you’re on a long flight a loud child will most likely disturb other travelers. Relieve yourself of this stress by handing out cheap ear plugs to ensure fellow passengers have relief, and you their sympathy. 

3) Use spill-proof mugs – Frequent travelers know to expect turbulence on most extended flights. These big bounces can cause items to bounce around. Drinks are no exception. Pour beverages into these mugs or ask flight attendants to fill them up so you don’t have to worry about a mess to clean up or a thirsty child later during the flight.

4) Use a DVD case as an art box – Drawing is a great activity for children and exercises their creative muscle. Easily convert an old DVD case into an art box with paper on one side and pencils on the other. 

5) Bring lint rollers to clean up messes – Lint rollers are great for cleaning up food crumbs, glitter and other debris your baby might generate. They can clean you up easily, tidy up seat spaces, and fix up floor messes and accidents in small spaces. 

6) Bring chewy food to relieve ear pressure – Breast feeding is one way to relieve a baby of ear pressure but chewy snacks are great too. Instead of using gum bring gummy bears or chewy fruit snacks for your baby to snack on during take off and landing. 

7) Pack spare outfits in ziplock bags – In the unfortunate scenario where your baby causes a spill or needs pajamas for sleep time, pack some spare outfits in your carry-on luggage to avoid having to dig through you bag. Then just put the dirty clothes back in the bag to contain the mess!

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