“Safe and Spotless” Babierge Customers Report in New Customer Survey; Kudos to our Trusted Partners!

Like any marketplace, Babierge customers leave reviews of the Trusted Partners, the independent contractors who provide and deliver the baby gear to traveling families. Overall these reviews are really terrific, often commenting how we “saved their vacation” or “came to the rescue.” Recently we decided to go a bit deeper and ask parents and grandparents more specifics about their experience with Babierge. Let me quickly summarize our Customer Survey findings – our Trusted Partners totally rock! Here are some of the highlights:

100% of customers consider the equipment to be Safe, an absolute standard that we cover in our Trusted Partner training program and reinforce in our community. This result shows that our Trusted Partners take Safety very seriously!

100% say the equipment is safe!

77% reported the equipment to be Spotless (a very high standard!) and the other 23% said the equipment was Very Clean.  And not a one rated it any lower than that! Enough said!

77% say “Spotless”

87% found the experience with Trusted Partners to be Excellent with the rest indicating Very Good.

87% say Excellent

Babierge’s company values together with  our community embrace the importance of hospitality and service. In our private community, our Trusted Partners are constantly trading tips on how to best handle customer requests, exchanging new ideas to better serve families (such as adding Holiday decorating items), and applauding one another’s “wins” where they went beyond expectations to help a family in need.

Finally, over 90% of participants in our customer survey indicated they were Very Satisfied with Babierge (and no one was unsatisfied) and 94% indicated that they are Very Likely to recommend Babierge to other families.

Wowza! These results tangibly show that Babierge Trusted Partners are truly delivering exceptional service and products to traveling families. This takes hard work and dedication and I am supremely grateful that they have chosen to embrace our values and work on our marketplace!

Other things we learned, most of them not surprising to us:

  • The “most important item” families rent from Babierge is the Crib (46%), followed by Car Seat (20%), cribs are flying again this Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Prior to using Babierge, 26% borrowed gear from friends or family and 19% bought gear at their destination. I’m sure they’re happy that they don’t have to do that anymore!
  • And the biggest pain points are Getting through the Airport and Flight (44%) and Not Having the Gear they need at Their Destination (33%). So glad we can help!

So in advance of the crazy busy Thanksgiving Holiday – the biggest family travel holiday – Thank You Babierge Trusted Partners!

(Please share your holiday family travel horror story in the comments!)

Interested in joining our loving team? Learn about the Trusted Partner opportunity here.

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