CEO Fran Maier Announces Babierge Funding!

I’m thrilled to share this VentureBeat article out today announcing that we have closed a $1.3M Seed Investment funding round. The new investors were impressed with how Babierge has emerged as the only national brand in this space as evidenced by the rapid growth of our Trusted Partner community to 220 and our expansion to nearly every state and over 170 markets. And we did this before our 2nd birthday!

I have always been super impressed with how hard our Trusted Partners work to serve our customers and their dedication to delivering clean and safe gear on time and with a smile. I’d like to give a special call out to Trusted Partners that have been with us from that first summer: Kathleen Chaput and Meredith MacNeill, Laura Espino, Blair Gross, Laura Herndon, Joe and Debra Moreno, and Lindsey Meyer and Sarah Huff. Thanks to all of the other Trusted Partners too: You have made a difference to our company, community, and to our customers’ lives.

I also want to recognize the HQ staff, starting with Trish McDermott, VP Communications, and Andreas Stenzel, VP Demand Generation and Business Development. I invited them to join Babierge in that first summer and for many months they worked for only equity or a pittance of a salary as we pursued funding. I’m so pleased that they are now applying their talents to Babierge full time. More recent hires, such as Joe Maier and Nicole Kitzman, as well as Adam Heymann and Ana Vela, have really immersed themselves into the nuts and bolts (or digits!) of this business and I look forward to continued contributions!

We have big plans for the funding:

  • Open new markets and recruit more Trusted Partners
  • Support current and new markets with unsurpassed marketing and lead generation
  • Improve our technology platform and enhance our mobile experience
  • Train and develop our Trusted Partners for increased impact
  • Pursue new distribution and other partnerships
  • Add needed expertise to our team (some of whom who are already from our TP Community!)

We are also super excited about owning the two leading baby equipment rental directories, now with This will support both lead generation for our Trusted Partner community and help us recruit more Trusted Partners and expand into additional markets.

The market for baby gear rental is massive and heretofore underserved. We know that parents and grandparents alike are looking for a relaxing vacation with their friends and families and that Babierge is allowing them to “Pack Light and Travel Far.” The reviews and ratings that our Trusted Partners receive, with so many saying that Babierge “Saved the Vacation,” or “Came to the Rescue,” are testaments to the quality service and gear we are providing.

We also know that many of our Trusted Partners are enjoying gratifying work and bringing home income that makes a difference to them and their families. We are proud to be part of their lives and hope to continue helping them succeed as they become entrepreneurs in their own right.

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