Babierge’s Inaugural Trusted Partner Conference

Last Thursday, January 18, Babierge held our inaugural Trusted Partner Conference. It was a day filled with great connections, corporate updates, partner feedback sessions, and a top performing Trusted Partner panel where four of the most experienced Trusted Partners, Blair Gross in Orange County, Sarah Huff in Los Angeles, and Kathleen Chaput and Meredith MacNeill in Sonoma discussed how they create success and the little things that help them ensure customer happiness over and over again.

Founder Fran and Head of PR Trish posing with our panelists, Kathleen, Meredith, Sarah, and Blair.

Here are 10 special takeaways from a historic first Trusted Partner Conference:

1) Team for growth (and to avoid fatigue!) – It’s truly remarkable the difference a close collaborator makes in knocking out tasks, reaching goals, and saving time. Whether it be between spouses, close friends, colleagues, or fellow Trusted Partners, Babierge runs on teamwork.   

2) Never stop improving – Success depends on an ability to recognize weaknesses and turn them into strengths. From improving our platform usability for both Trusted Partners and customers, to helping partners grow their marketing and PR efforts in 2017, Babierge is always looking to better our platform and outreach. The HQ team welcomed loads of valuable feedback!

Fran discusses key insights uncovered during 2017

3) Answer the Phone! – Punctuality and quick communication make all the difference. The Trusted Partners all over constantly mention how quickly they pick up their phone makes all the difference between new business and lost customers.

4) Represent! – Don’t forget to be proud of who you are. Showing your personality and brand, whether it be in casual conversation or throwing a Babierge car magnet on a minivan like Meredith MacNeill does in Northern California, is great way to make sure people remember who you are and think of you when the time is right.

5) It’s in the details – Little insights and key data points make all the difference. From the nifty shortcuts Google Maps doesn’t know about, to knowing exactly when airport traffic is lightest, Babierge Trusted Partners create efficiency through knowledge.

Our incredible Trusted Partner panel!

6) Tap the tech – The Trusted Partners are embracing all that tech offers to grow their businesses. Kenny Wheeler from Miami mentioned how apps like RoadWarrior help him map out the most efficient delivery routes, while other Trusted Partners avoid traffic jams with Waze. Trusted Partner Taylor Horn in Sacramento shared how to use Google Voice and made partner duo Meredith and Kathleen that much happier

7) Wait ‘til the time is right – Trusted Partners like Blair Gross, who services Orang County’s beach towns, put special emphasis on not expanding too quickly before knowing customers need the gear… unless there’s a great sale, that is!

Smart phone tech and insights were a reoccurring subject in business strategy discussions.

8) Embrace simplicity Sometimes we can make searching for a solution way more complex than need be. Meeting a client at the Starbucks across from the airport is one of many go-to solutions San Jose partner Julia Sullivan has used to solve challenging airport pick-ups and drop-offs.

9) Make work play! – Partners all over talk about how fun Babierge is for them because they can bring their kids along to help deliver baby gear, make new friends with kids in customers’ families, and check out local museums, parks, or ice cream shops in delivery areas.

Our fabulous Sonoma partners!

10) Babierge leads to friendship – The Trusted Partners say other partners they have met through Babierge have become valuable friends and allies who have helped to avoid crises, tackle big orders, and create happy memories. It’s awesome to watch partners from different places and walks of life become good friends through the Babierge platform.

SO much love!

We are so excited to host a Trusted Partner Conference in all corners of the states in the near future, and continuing to build Babierge through love and collaboration.

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