Make Money Part Time Renting Your Baby and Kid Gear – Become a Babierge Partner!

If you consider the list of Babierge’s top rental items, things like strollers, rockers, bedding, cribs, car seats, and toys probably come to mind. But did you know that a simple folding footstool holds a spot in our top five most frequently rented items?

This is no coincidence. At Babierge we understand that even when traveling, families require the same tools of support they use at home to raise their children. There should be no corners cut for a young family embarking on its first journeys together. As a fledgling business our number one goal is to shoulder the universal obstacles of the young family on the move. We believe the logistics and burdens of transporting an infant’s necessities should not stop young families from venturing into the world as often as they’d like, or worse, from traveling at all.

As a young company Babierge in need of allies. Our business plan is dependent on establishing a core of Trusted Partners who will work with Babierge in their home cities to deliver items to customers and reinforce our constantly growing network of support. If making part time money alongside a loving, generous, and patient team aspiring to forge a new business with unfathomable potential, please contact us as soon as possible!


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