Babierge is a New Force in the Gig Economy

We at Babierge are elated to announce our first appearance in a national media publication. On September 9, 2016 Nicole Audrey Spector included Babierge in a wonderful piece about new opportunities for people wanting to make some hefty cash on the side – gig economy moneymakers.

Here’s the passage:

“Hang on to your baby’s car seats, cribs, and other big accessories — you just might be able to rent them out for some serious dough via Babierge, a baby equipment rental marketplace business.

The company launched last May with the goal of helping vacationing families who don’t want to trudge through the airport carrying bulky baby gear, or pay extra to check it, said Trish McDermott, a Babierge Independent Trusted Partner and mother based of four based in Oakland, California. Instead, parents can rent these items in the locations they’re visiting.

To rent out your baby gear, you would also need to become a “Trusted Partner” — stay-at-home parents, working parents, and even grandparents who have the gear but don’t always have the grandkids are examples of Trusted Partners renting through Babierge, said McDermott.

The Babierge Trusted Partners are creative, ingenuitive parents from around North America

“Trusted partners can make anywhere between $25 on a small rental to over $800, which has been our biggest one time rental so far,” said McDermott.

The most popular rental items on the platform are wooden portable cribs, said McDermott, with a favorite being the L.A. Baby CS-983-A-N 28″ x 52″ Natural Wood Folding Crib, which retails for about $200.”

Thanks to Audrey Nicole Spector at NBC for the awesome work and time she devoted to this piece!

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