How to Rock Your Side Hustle: Tips from the Babierge Trusted Partners

Schoolteachers, yogis, personal concierges, artists, businesswomen, and full-time mothers are just a few of the identities side hustle moms at Babierge occupy on a daily basis.

We’ve asked these busy moms how they are juggling it all while also building thriving businesses as baby gear rental entrepreneurs. Here are five ultra-valuable tips they’ve shared with other budding mompreneurs to make sure their side hustle works for them.

1) Set a schedule – When it’s time to work, stick to it. Make it a point to focus on work and not be distracted by the other numerous things that need to be done at home.

2) Work as if you are in an office and your boss is watching – Work for a focused 55 minutes then and take a 5 minute break to refresh.

3) Meal prep – Before the work week begins, Sunday night meal prep helps everyone avoid getting “hangry.” Designate a meal for each day like “taco Tuesday” and “pizza Friday” and gather your ingredients so that you don’t run out of energy while you work or have starving cranky kids bugging you while you finish up work. 

4) Have a designated workspace – Set up a nook in your home where you only work on your side hustle. This will make it easier to be disciplined about your gig work in general.

5) Manage your personal social media usage carefully – Otherwise you might find that you spent all day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! Kaylee Tucker – Wenatchee, Washington

Kaylee Tucker is a super mommy and gig economy mompreneur who lives with her baby boy AJ and husband, Alex, in East Wenatchee, a beautiful town in North Central Washington. She loves helping families travel and experience all the Valley has to offer. Kaylee is passionate about providing safe and top quality baby equipment so families can relax on their trips and create lasting memories. She has previously worked in education, sales and recruiting, and Human Resources. When she’s not helping families travel lighter, or chasing after AJ, she loves writing for the Wenatchee Mom Blog and exploring WA. Kaylee is thrilled to be a Babierge Trusted Partner and looks forward to helping families enjoy their next adventure!

Day Job – Full time stay at home mommy to AJ. No sick time. No overtime pay. No holiday bonuses. But lots of fun, and endless cuddles.

Most Unusual Gear Request – For some reason I get a lot of calls for construction equipment! It really confuses folks when I tell them I can’t rent them a “scissor lift”!

Most Heartwarming Order – I’ve been helping a great grandma plan her granddaughter and great-granddaughter’s first visit to Wenatchee. She hasn’t met her great-granddaughter who is just 4 months old and I can hear the joy, anticipation, and excitement in her voice. She can’t wait!

Funniest Delivery Experience – My mother-in-law was traveling a few months ago and she couldn’t keep an eye on AJ, so I brought him with me on a few deliveries/pickups. I had him strapped to my back in the Ergo carrier while I lugged around the cribs, strollers, toys, etc. It was quite a sight to see! AJ wasn’t the most helpful assistant that day but he did provide quite a few laughs.

Most Fulfilling Rental – A few weeks ago, I delivered to a family staying in Cle Elum. Nothing about the order was particularly unique or difficult – standard baby gear and drop off for the most part. I was able to deliver and set up before the guests arrived. Within 5 minutes of the family arriving to their vacation rental, I received the kindest, most heartwarming text thanking me for the service. And 5 minutes after that, the guest wrote a wonderful review on my website. I sometimes forget just how impactful our service is, and while I may think it’s just a simple order and delivery, to the guest, it’s much, much more.

Feeling Empowered – Being a TP and a part of the gig economy has given me the opportunity to contribute financially to my household while still being able to be with my son 90% of the time. I feel empowered being a business owner and having the freedom to build Babierge here in the North Central Washington region.

This experience has taught me just how powerful a platform community/marketplace can be! It’s great to see the Babierge community come together to help customers, refer customers, recommend equipment, share marketing ideas and more. We are all over the country and most of us have never met, but I truly feel like we are a team. I am so honored to be part of the Babierge community and work with the corporate team.

Click here to check out Kaylee’s gear selection and all there is to do in beautiful North Central Washington.

Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! Amber Brown – Salt Lake City

Welcome back to Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! series where we introduce you to the lovely Babierge Trusted Partners, the baby gear entrepreneurs who deliver  strollers, car seats, and cribs straight to vacationing families wherever they may be staying.

Trusted Partner Profile – Amber Brown is a multi-talented mama with roots all over the US. After some time in the DC area, Amber and her family transplanted to Salt Lake City where she currently lives happily cooking, hiking, traveling, and renting out a great selection of baby gear to families visiting Utah’s shining city.

Day job – In addition to a fun side-gig renting baby gear, Amber works at home as a freelance social security disability attorney.

Most Heartwarming Order – One of Amber’s repeat customers is a single mom who comes to Utah from Idaho for medical appointments. After Amber provided this mom with a crib twice and even accommodated her hectic travel schedule after a rough night with her baby, she was super grateful and even wrote Amber a very heartfelt review about how this service made her life easier. It makes Amber’s heart happy to make life easier for other moms.

Most Unusual Gear Request – A customer ask Amber for four bottles of Fiji (HAD to be Fiji) water. Amber was happy to grant this request and pick some Fiji water up on the way to drop off the gear. Turns out this was a new momma breastfeeding her infant who was SO grateful she did not have a car to get to a store and was arriving in the evening.

Funniest Delivery Experience – Once when Amber delivered to a hotel, she had to bring her two younger kids (3 and 6) to “help.” While the hotel staff was showing her where to store the gear prior to the guests arrival, the 3 year old ran off. They searched for him all over the quiet hotel, and (unintentionally) interrupted an employee meeting. Turned out the stinker had run up the staircase and Amber’s daughter finally heard her little brother laughing from the second floor. Quite a stressful five minutes!

Biggest Surprise – Amber was surprised at first when orders started coming in as soon as she was live on the platform. She has since then ramped up her marketing efforts to keep them coming!

Most Fulfilling Rental – Amber’s very first order was a crib to a grandma whose daughter was coming to town. After pickup Grandma needed help removing their own car seat from her car. It was a type of seat Amber had not seen before but she was able to pull up the instruction manual on her phone and get it out. Grandma was incredibly grateful and gave Amber a tip to “get a coke,” which she promptly did 😉 It’s the little moments of gratitude that make being a Babierge partner so fun.

Trusted Partner’s Story in Her Own Words – I’m a hard worker, go-getter type who has struggled to find a balance between work and being at home with my young kids. I like taking on multiple projects and find gratification from all the work I do, even if sometimes it’s too much. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I love renting baby gear to people traveling to Utah and hearing about how happy the toys, thank you gifts, water table (or just water) made them. Buying, prepping, and delivering gear is a LOT of fun. Babierge is not a known entity in my area and I’m excited to help get the word out and see the orders roll in. It’s an idea with staying power that will benefit traveling families far into the future.

It’s been thrilling to learn how a startup like Babierge can grow and expand so quickly and witness the effort of every Trusted Partner and corporate employee in making this success. It’s so fun to watch and be a part of. Babierge really makes a difference for parents in so many different ways. Personally I have no more guilt about all the toys my kiddos never played with – now they’re hot commodities on the rental market! I also love that my kids can come along on drop offs and pickups. They’ve enjoyed helping me with the business doing things like picking out customer thank you gifts and moving around gear. I am proud that they see their mom running a small business, and to show them (as I learn too) what that entails.

Babierge has given me something that is part of me outside of being a lawyer (which kind of becomes your identity). People see that it’s a unique and useful idea that not a lot of people get a chance to be involved in. I feel lucky that I signed up when I did. I’ve gotten to interact with a supportive group of other moms and small business owners and learn from their experience. Salt Lake City’s area other Babierge partner went online a couple of months before I did and has been a generous resource and example to me throughout the process. So much love!

“Safe and Spotless” Babierge Customers Report in New Customer Survey; Kudos to our Trusted Partners!

Like any marketplace, Babierge customers leave reviews of the Trusted Partners, the independent contractors who provide and deliver the baby gear to traveling families. Overall these reviews are really terrific, often commenting how we “saved their vacation” or “came to the rescue.” Recently we decided to go a bit deeper and ask parents and grandparents more specifics about their experience with Babierge. Let me quickly summarize our Customer Survey findings – our Trusted Partners totally rock! Here are some of the highlights:

100% of customers consider the equipment to be Safe, an absolute standard that we cover in our Trusted Partner training program and reinforce in our community. This result shows that our Trusted Partners take Safety very seriously!

100% say the equipment is safe!

77% reported the equipment to be Spotless (a very high standard!) and the other 23% said the equipment was Very Clean.  And not a one rated it any lower than that! Enough said!

77% say “Spotless”

87% found the experience with Trusted Partners to be Excellent with the rest indicating Very Good.

87% say Excellent

Babierge’s company values together with  our community embrace the importance of hospitality and service. In our private community, our Trusted Partners are constantly trading tips on how to best handle customer requests, exchanging new ideas to better serve families (such as adding Holiday decorating items), and applauding one another’s “wins” where they went beyond expectations to help a family in need.

Finally, over 90% of participants in our customer survey indicated they were Very Satisfied with Babierge (and no one was unsatisfied) and 94% indicated that they are Very Likely to recommend Babierge to other families.

Wowza! These results tangibly show that Babierge Trusted Partners are truly delivering exceptional service and products to traveling families. This takes hard work and dedication and I am supremely grateful that they have chosen to embrace our values and work on our marketplace!

Other things we learned, most of them not surprising to us:

  • The “most important item” families rent from Babierge is the Crib (46%), followed by Car Seat (20%), cribs are flying again this Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Prior to using Babierge, 26% borrowed gear from friends or family and 19% bought gear at their destination. I’m sure they’re happy that they don’t have to do that anymore!
  • And the biggest pain points are Getting through the Airport and Flight (44%) and Not Having the Gear they need at Their Destination (33%). So glad we can help!

So in advance of the crazy busy Thanksgiving Holiday – the biggest family travel holiday – Thank You Babierge Trusted Partners!

(Please share your holiday family travel horror story in the comments!)

Interested in joining our loving team? Learn about the Trusted Partner opportunity here.

Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! Blair

Meet Blair, a Babierge Trusted Partner

Welcome to the second installment of Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My!  – Meet the Babierge Trusted Partners. Here you’ll get to know Babierge’s Trusted Partners, the intrepid entrepreneurs who deliver strollers, car seats, and cribs straight to vacationing families.

Blair Gross, a driven mama of two youngsters who rents all kinds of baby gear to families traveling in Orange County, Southern California.


Blair and Her Beautiful Family Live in Orange County, California

Day job: Blair fills her weekdays hanging at home with her two children and teaching yoga.


Blair Strolls Up and Down Mission Viejo’s Streets With Her Two Kiddos Sitting Comfortably in the BOB Duallie

Most Heartwarming Order: One time a family coming to the OC all the way from Norway to have their twins (boy and girl) via surrogate right here in Mission Viejo contacted Blair. She was so thrilled they chose her to be a part of their journey into parenthood that she brought them flowers when she delivered and set up their items  as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their babies.

Funniest Delivery Experience: One time Blair’s husband went to pick up one of her orders and a female renter answered the door in a towel!

Biggest Surprise: Blair’s biggest spontaneous on-the-job surprise happened last September. She had to go fix a flat tire on a client’s BOB Stroller and ended up going into labor and having her son that night! In her general Trusted Partner experience, Blair has been most surprised by just how excited people are to find out they can actually rent stuff and not have to buy it or pack it. She gets to meet all kinds of really nice folks and finds it so fun to help make their stay in Orange County easier.


Only a Car With a HUGE Trunk Will Suffice for Blair’s Biggest Orders

As a Babierge Trusted Partner in Orange County, CA, Blair services Disneyland visitors as well as parents and families staying in the OC and its many beautiful beach towns – Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Newport Beach, and San Juan Capistrano to name a few. She loves helping out grandparents who are hosting grandchildren and need baby gear, but don’t want to be stuck with bulky items collecting dust when the kiddos leave. Blair takes great satisfaction in cruising around Orange County helping families and grandparents out.  She drops off baby equipment at all sorts of places like airports, hotels, private homes, restaurants, beaches and more! Families can also arrange to pick up gear on their own. Whatever the situation, Blair can fit it into her busy schedule.

Blair’s story in her own words:

After having my daughter I decided to leave a stressful full-time job as Project Manager of a Global Events team. I was able focus on my family and my passion for teaching prenatal yoga while also working on remodeling our home. Once the house project was wrapped up I realized I still had a huge desire to exercise my business mind – I was looking for a position that was just the right fit and would allow me to spend as much time with my daughter as possible.


As a Young Mom Blair Knows Exactly What Children Need to Feel at Home While on Vacation

Around that time I reconnected with an old friend in Chicago who had recently joined Babierge and told me how much fun she was having helping out traveling families. I myself could relate to the herculean task of traveling with children – I knew just how much of a grind it was, how by the time you were at your destination you were completely exhausted just from lugging your gear through the airport, not to mention the times we wound up with a vanished car seat, broken strollers, or that soaking wet car seat… You don’t want to know.

Thus began my mission to help families visiting Orange County have easier, more enjoyable experiences. I especially love helping first time baby travelers and local families prepare for little ones to visit. It’s so fun getting to deliver BOB Strollers and beach toy packages because I know a family will now enjoy the best aspects of OC living as they take long walks around our neighborhoods, and play in the luxurious sand on our beautiful beaches.

A Local’s Love – The Low-Down on Vacationing With Young Children in Los Angeles

When it comes to the Shangri-La of baby vacations you’d be hard-pressed to find another location that stacks up to Los Angeles, California. With its near permanent sunshine, comfy weather, incredible natural play places – parks, beaches, and walking trails – and obviously amazing attractions like world-famous Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Adventure City kid’s theme park, you’ll have more than enough material to keep your kids busy and bubbling. When you top it all off with top-notch educational experiences like the Children’s Discovery Cube, LA Zoo, and the La Brea Tar Pits (dinosaurs!), stupendous sports stadiums, and much more, LA is the place to be if you want to enjoy yourself and show your little ones the time of their young lives!


LA Is a Massive City With Incredible Views and Weather!

Access by Air

Los Angeles’ main airport, LAX, is a huge international airport, so be prepared for lengthy security lines. Bag checks will take some time too so if you can avoid having to check your luggage your stress levels will be much lower – renting from a baby equipment company that can deliver gear to the airport will help make this possible.


LAX is a High-Tech Airport With Beautiful Design and Architecture

Unfortunately getting from terminal to terminal can be tedious, and the airport’s rental car agencies are all located outside of the actual airport so you’ll have to take a shuttle to reach each individual counter. On the bright side, LAX has been rated one of the nicest airports in the country, and it has plenty of food and shopping to keep you and your children occupied during unexpected waits. Make sure to allow a lot more time for traffic, lines, car returns, etc. when heading out of LA.

Quick tip: Booking a flight in or out of LA from Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport will reduce the stress of navigating the daunting size of LAX. This airport is smaller, lesser known, and a little bit further from central LA than LAX with its northern location, but it may provide easier arrival and departure depending on where you are staying in LA.


Bob Hope Airport is Smaller and More Manageable than LAX

Getting Around

Los Angeles is very unpredictable as far as traffic goes. Sometimes the freeways that you think will be packed are completely empty and sometimes there is a traffic jam on a Sunday morning. Always expect that travel to the beach will take a while, so plan to leave early and be prepared for some hassle. Going through downtown during a concert or sporting event at Staples Center can be really tricky. Fortunately, in LA there are secret routes to avoid the freeways almost everywhere. Ask a local, hotel concierge, or host for secret routes.

Paying a little extra for priority parking or valet is almost always worth it, especially if you’re bringing along the little ones – less walking, less waiting, more playing! Everywhere in LA has valet, even the beach! The area also has a new Metro train that goes straight to the sand, which is fun and fast.


The LA Metro is New and Can Take You All Over the City

Heading Outdoors

The greater Los Angeles area is practically guaranteed to provide great weather to traveling families – it is always sunny down here! The average annual lows hover around a moderate 66 degrees fahrenheit while the highs average a warm 84 degrees. Rain has been lacking in LA as of late, but if it does rain, be prepared for crazy drivers.

It’s a no-brainer to visit one of southern California’s beautiful beaches and the Leo Carillo State Park is a top-notch choice. Much less busy than Santa Monica and many of LA’s more classically known beaches, Leo Carillo beach has a lot to offer young children like a tunnel that goes under the Pacific Coast Highway to get to the beach, tide pools, sea caves, and surfers galore. Plus there’s a nearby seafood restaurant called Neptune’s Net that is a local hangout with awesome motorcycles almost always parked out front. If you’re up for it, your family can even camp near the beach!


Leo Carillo State Park is a Little Piece of Heaven

If your squad is looking for a chance to get away from the concrete jungle but don’t want to take the journey to the beach, Griffith Park is the place to go. Founded in 1896, Griffith Park is the biggest public park in LA, boasting 4,310 acres, and has an observatory, restaurants, an old train park, and a merry-go-round. There are all kinds of trails in this park like the Charlie Turner Trail, which is a 3-mile round-trip trail that takes you up Mt. Hollywood to see views of the San Fernando Valley, Glendale, and other parts of LA. An easier route is the Fern Canyon hike that will provide views of Glendale and Pasadena at the top, and many chances to see gophers, squirrels, woodpeckers, and other small animals on the way up.


Just One View of the Griffith Park and its Trails and Observatory

Good Eats

Eating in LA can be both amazing and painful at the same time. As a culinary paradise with access to the freshest ingredients in the country and drawing incredible creativity from the city’s character, LA will “wow” your tastebuds, but the wait is what can drive you and your kids crazy. Luckily there is an easy solution to this: SNACKS. Bring snacks wherever you go – chips, apples, carrots, granola bars – this way when you find the perfect restaurant for your family, the wait doesn’t push you towards a less busy spot to satisfy hungry bellies. Here are some of those spots that might be that perfect spot for your group:

It’s always smart to have an all-American diner in your back pocket when the kids just want something simple – a hamburger, french fries, some pasta with marinara sauce. Nickel Diner is more than the average eatery providing a down-home atmosphere and homemade delectables like brioche cinnamon toast and jam, sophisticated scrambles for breakfast, and for dinner hearty courses like ”smac and cheese” and “mama’s spaghetti and meatballs.”


Nickel Diner is a Quaint Stop and Makes Delicious Food

Another spectacular spot is Carney’s Sunset Strip where the hot dogs and hamburgers are lodged in LA lore. Boasting some of the best chili sauce in the nation, you and your kids will find all kinds of great meals here but the chili dog and chili burger are what reign supreme. This super cheap spot also has great options like Chicago Polish dogs, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, and sweet potato fries. Ah, and we almost forgot to mention – Carney’s is located INSIDE A TRAIN CAR. Yes, this food experience means sitting inside a train and using hundreds of napkins to keep your kids’ faces at least a little bit tidy.


Carney’s Guests Eat in this Yellow Train Car!

Other great options are the Genwa Korean BBQ spot with $3 valet parking and an interactive cooking experience the kids will love. We also crave Gracie’s Pizza on the daily – this spot on Melrose Ave has very creative pizza options, great drinks, garlic bread knots, and chicken wings, plus they can deliver! This is THE place to get pizza in the City of Angels (and incredible eats).

Excellent Excursions

Families absolutely love the Los Angeles Zoo where children under 2 get in for free and everyone else is $20 or less. In the summer, the zoo is open one night a month so you can see all the nocturnal animals awake. Housing every animal you can think of from elephants, giraffes, tigers, chimpanzees, orangutans, and much more, the zoo also has 15 collections of botanical gardens and a “Dinosaurs: Un-extinct” exhibit where guests can check out 17 different animatronic dinosaurs.


The Zoo has the Closest Thing to Real Dinos!

The Santa Monica Pier is a beautiful, energetic location where families can ride the world-famous Ferris wheel that towers above the Pacific, or enjoy the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. A great way to spend a summer night in LA is to sit on the beach and enjoy music during the annual summer concert series.


The Santa Monica Park is a Great Stop on a Sunny Day

There is a movie night every Saturday during the summer in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where many of LA’s most influential figures are buried. But this isn’t as creepy as you might think – 40 acres of the cemetery now belongs to Paramount studios, and this is where movie nights take place. These events are great for children as they usually show classics. You can bring food and beverages, spread out blankets, and watch movies under the stars. As with everything in Los Angeles, arrive early.


Even LA Locals Gather for Hollywood Forever Movie Nights

Must-Visit Attractions

The Zimmerman Museum is a go-to for fun family entertainment that many different ages can enjoy. This museum is dedicated to multiculturalism and showing children and families the importance and unifying potential of artistic expression. Some of the many incredible exhibits include “Rhythms of the World” where kids can play many different instruments they’ve never heard of before, they can try flying a plane at the “Discovery Airport,” and run around and learn about environmental conservation at the “Community Park.”

Of course, the majority of families who come to Los Angeles are here for one thing: DISNEYLAND. Ticket prices hover around $100 a day for anyone over the age of 3, but those ages 2 and under get in for free. Anyone who has been to Disneyland will tell you that it is an absolutely wonderful experience with so much to do and see, so make sure to provide at least one whole day to exploring the park and get there early in the morning before it opens at 9am. This will give you time to see all the regions of the park and try out all the rides, since lines can be very long on busy days.


Disneyland is Gorgeous Year-Round!

Aside from the big Disneyland, don’t forget to check out Adventure City, Knotts Berry Farm, and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Each of these parks if almost always out of strollers, especially double strollers, so make sure to book early or rent a stroller from a local rental company to avoid the hassle.

Baby Gear

When it comes to Los Angeles you’re going to need a lot of energy to keep up with the excitement your kids will have being so close to Disneyland and in a place where the sun is shining and everyone is having a great time. It’s important to note that full-size cribs are almost never available at hotels, and car seats offered through rental car companies are very expensive and often neglected. Double strollers are even harder to come by, so if you know you need one, book it early! A much smarter, cheaper, easier option that will take a load off your shoulders and allow you to keep up with the kiddos is to rent all your baby gear from a local baby gear rental company. The best ones will deliver to you at your hotel or airport car rental agency and pick-up from either spot as well.


Sarah Huff is a Babierge Independent Trusted Partner, renting baby gear to traveling families out of Los Angeles. She has all the tips on how to enjoy every moment in Los Angeles. Find her at: or follow her on Twitter at

A Local’s Love – Must-Know Tips for Vacationing with Young Children in Washington, D.C.

At first thought Washington, D.C. might seem an odd vacation destination for a family with young children – what is there to do in America’s political headquarters? It’s all work and no play, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Washington D.C. is truly a family vacation goldmine. This shining city that is America’s capital has one particularly special feature due to its high status: museums like the Smithsonian, National Museum of American History, Freer Gallery of Art, and even the National Zoo are all free! What’s more, some of America’s most important national monuments, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Constitutional Gardens and others are all packed conveniently into the National Mall. D.C. and its surrounding suburbs are where it’s at if you’re looking for a destination with an infinite amount of activities, entrance fees that leave your pockets full, and learning opportunities around every corner!


Washington’s National Mall is Gorgeous at Night

Access by Air

Flying into Washington D.C. can seem complicated when looking for flights because there are three different airport options: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI), and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). None of these airports has particularly long wait times, but their locations can determine which is best for your vacation plans. Here’s the low-down on each:

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) – Reagan National is the closest airport to Washington D.C. and the place to fly into if you’re going to stay in the capital. Cab rides from here take about 15 minutes when traffic is low and cost around $20. DCA is the smallest of these three airports and only receives domestic flights so if you’re flying from outside of the country you’ll have to transfer at another international airport if you want to arrive at DCA.

Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) – Sitting about 26 miles from the capital is Dulles International, Washington’s biggest and most famous airport. With high-tech, quick-moving security checkpoints and more than 100 restaurants and shops, Dulles is the best option for families. Washington, D.C. is about a 45 minute drive from Dulles, and Fairfax County, which lies between the airport and the capital, is only 30 minutes away. For families who want to see D.C. as well as enjoy the many opportunities offered in northern Virginia, it’s a great move to rent a car and stay in a hotel or AirBnB around Fairfax so that you can have easy access to D.C. and the activities in the surrounding suburbs. 


Dulles International is State-of-the-Art and Hassle Free

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) – Baltimore Washington Airport is the furthest away at about an hour northeast of D.C. but this means it’s also the best for low-budget vacations as a result of its status as a major hub for Southwest Airlines. A taxi ride from here to D.C. will cost are $90.

Getting Around

The D.C. metro area always ranks top-10 in the country’s most traffic-heavy cities, but if you’re savvy this won’t be a problem. If you drive to D.C. or decide to rent a car, try to plan your trips so that you leave and return to D.C. between 10 – 2pm on weekdays to avoid traffic. One important thing to know is I-66 (the main highway into D.C. from Fairfax County and Northern VA) is HOV only during peak commute times – all lanes are HOV. Luckily this won’t be a problem for traveling families since there will always be at least two people in the car!

D.C. is also a great place to skip personal transportation and go public. The region has an extensive metro system that extends from Fairfax County into D.C. and up to two children 4-years-old and younger can ride free with each adult paying full fare. Plus parking is free at metro-operated lots on weekends and federal holidays. On most weekends, it’s easy to find a space at metro parking lots, but it can be challenging to find parking on weekdays due to the number of metro commuters.


D.C.’s Metro System Zooms Right By the Capital Building

Heading Outdoors

Fall is such an amazing time in Fairfax county with so many farms and seasonal activities. Frying Pan Farm Park: Kidwell Farm is a must see for anyone with toddlers or kids interested in farm animals or farm equipment. And here’s the cherry on top: the animals are having babies this time of year! Cox Farms is another can’t-miss destination during fall. Opening on September 24 this year, its slides, hayrides, mazes, and market make for fun for the entire family. Another great outdoor option is Clemyjontri Park in Fairfax County. It’s a 2-acre park where every kid can play! It’s built so that kids with wheelchairs or other disabilities can play on everything too, it’s perfect for kids aged 3 to 8! It’s the best park in the region.  


The Incredible Colors at Clemyjontri Park

If the weather is good and your family is up for a hike, try the Great Falls State Park in northern Fairfax county. Here you can take a two mile hike (and you can turn back any time if the kids get tired) which offers gorgeous views of George Washington’s Potomac Canal, and other beautiful scenes at the Great Falls and Mather Gorge.


Great Falls is Beautiful Year-Round

District Delectables

D.C. is an incredibly diverse city so there are many incredible eateries in store here for traveling families. One of the highest rated restaurants in Pizzeria Orso which is 25 minutes outside of the city in Falls Church, VA. With its creative pizza options, healthy menu, and free meals for kids on Tuesdays, this place is always a hit with traveling families. Lost Dog cafe (our favorite is the N. Arlington location at 5876 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA) has great pizza and craft beer and is very kid friendly. The walls provide great decor for entertaining kiddos too.


The Pizza at Orso is Thick!

If you’re in D.C. and need a bite to eat you have to check out Ted’s Bulletin, a Family Restaurant which offers an extensive menu for adults and a kids menu with all entrees under $6. And when it comes to beverages, Ted’s is where it’s at – order one of their world famous milkshakes for the kids to share while you sip on their expertly crafted cocktails.


You Won’t Forget a Ted’s Bulletin Shake Anytime Soon

Another great option in the capital proper is the Commissary restaurant, but make sure tummies are hungry because these meals are hearty! The kids meals are affordable here but when we go we like to order family style – sharing a salad, a pasta, and pizza is more than enough for a 4-member family.

Excellent Excursions

There is one go-to option for excellent excursions in the D.C. area – the National Mall. Bring the kids along and introduce them to our country’s most hallowed spaces – the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and the D.C. War Memorial dedicated to the soldiers who fought in World War II.


Every American Needs to Walk the National Mall

Once you’ve gotten the National Mall experience, don’t miss the White House Visitor Center. It’s important for American children to see the country’s most iconic building and get a sense of what life is like for the President and his family, after all, they will see this building on the news over and over again throughout their lifetimes! The next stop on a historical tour of D.C. is the National Archives where they will get to look at and learn first-hand about the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. Other important documents housed here include the Louisiana Purchase and the Emancipation Proclamation.


Get a Glimpse of Presidential Life at the White House Visitor’s Center

Must-Visit Attractions

Once you’ve seen some of America’s historical sites it’s time to take advantage of the incredible museums and activities D.C. offers, most of which are subsidized by the government. The Smithsonian Institution has it all – it’s the largest museum and research complex in the world and offers 19 different museums and galleries to check out.


The Smithsonian Gardens are Gorgeous Too!

A must-see for small children is the National Zoo, which offers free admission and is open 8am – 5pm and houses all kinds of species from american alligators, beavers, bison, lions, tigers, and bears, oh yes! The zoo also provides excellent learning opportunities like the “Coral Lab” where kids can learn about under-water environments, “The Inside Story” which shows x-rays of different animals to show how they eat move and play, and “Elephant Trails” which discusses elephant life at the zoo and efforts to save the Asian elephant.  


Children Love the Pandas at the National Zoo

Other attractions kids always love are the National Air and Space Museum where they can learn about the Wright Brother’s experiments at Kitty Hawk, America’s path to space exploration, and current military unmanned aerial vehicle technology. One must-see exhibit is the “Voyage – A Journey Through Our Solar System” which ventures to illustrate the great distances and challenges we face on our path towards planetary exploration.


There are Many Incredible Machines at the National Air and Space Museum

Last, but not least, is the American Natural History Museum where families can learn about about the vast life we are just beginning to discover under the sea at the “Living on an Ocean Planet” exhibit, or the “Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt” which covers the religious ideas and process of creating a mummy from the body of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. This list only scratches the surface so make sure to pay this incredible museum complex a visit!


A Massive T-Rex Awaits Visitors at the American Natural History Museum

Baby Gear

Washington, D.C. is a walking city, so it’s important to have a stroller even for children who might be pushing the the limits of stroller age. You won’t want to cut your day short because some little legs are tired – especially because all of the above attractions are just as interesting for adults as they are for kids. It’s important to note that cribs can be hard to secure at hotels. Hotels typically don’t have many available, and when they do, cribs are often outdated or actually pack ‘n plays rather than full-size wooden cribs.

For those families who want to see D.C. and enjoy the surrounding suburbs and the fun activities they offer, the right move is to rent a car. For families with small children this makes renting car seats vital. Most rental car agencies overprice their car seats, offer outdated gear, and take minimal steps to sanitize their gear, so consider renting from a baby equipment rental service instead. Babierge DC/Fairfax has car seats for littles one of all ages and great strollers for single kid families or for families with multiple children. Plus, they deliver to you right at the car rental service counter! 


Nicole Kitzman is a Babierge Independent Trusted Partner, renting baby gear to traveling families out of Washington, D.C. Nicole and her children have ventured all around D.C. and Northern Virginia and have all the insider knowledge for other visiting families. Find her at: or follow her on Twitter at

A Local’s Love: Essential Tips for Exploring Memphis With Young Children


Masterful musicians, beautiful art, stunning surroundings, delectable barbecue, moderate weather, and rich history are just a few of the things traveling families have in store for them when they venture to Memphis. Known as both the birthplace of rock ‘n roll and the BBQ capital of the world, Memphis is an affordable destination sure to offer excitement for every member of your family. For little ones, Memphis and its southern charm feel more like a big town – people are caring, the weather is sweet, and downtown is like home – than an intimidating concrete jungle.

Access by Air

Memphis International Airport might sound like an intimidating title but MEM, as they call it, is actually a small, charming airport with great features like free WiFi and a meditation room. Unlike other regional hubs, MEM is both easy to navigate and usually free of big lines – TSA checkpoints move quickly here. But it’s important to note that MEM is a central location for FedEx, so it’s wise to have earplugs, earmuffs, or noise-canceling headphones on hand for you and your baby’s sensitive ears. When heading for local accommodations, you will find that rental car agencies and taxies alike are easy to locate via airport signage. MEM also features on-demand UBER service 24/7, 365 days a year.


Despite Being a Fedex Hub MEM is Easy on Travelers

Getting Around

For those who prefer to rent a car to get around, Memphis is chock-full of beautiful streets and offers plenty of parking spaces. It’s important to note that driving anywhere in the Memphis Metro area during rush hour is cumbersome. There is lots of infrastructure work being done on the interstates, so traveling can be difficult during non-rush hour periods as well. It’s often in the best interest of visitors to avoid driving if your family is just traveling around Memphis proper. The Downtown Trolley Shuttle system is a great alternate mode for getting around. Each trip is $1 and with their historical early 19th century interiors, trolleys are a great way to relax and get a tour of the city sights. Plus, in recent years the city of Memphis has made great efforts to add bike lanes and walking paths to renders its streets quite pleasant for its many bikers and walkers. Don’t forget to rent a high-quality stroller from a local baby gear company, because once you start walking around Memphis it will be hard to stop!


The Natural Interior of a Memphis Trolley

Heading Outdoors

Weather in Memphis is consistent and fair, rarely going under 40 degrees or over 90. As can be expected in most eastern US cities, summer is the warmest season when the climate is hot and humid, while winters are colder but rarely pose anything other than a mild chill – Memphis may get a bit of light snow, but nothing that can cause difficulty for those traveling via car. However, the city does tend to overreact when there’s snowfall. Even if snow does not stick, it’s common for the whole city to shut down, which is an even better reason to ditch a car and opt for some winter jackets and a durable stroller instead.


Woodland Discovery Playground is Massive!

If you’re up for some outdoor activities Memphis has you covered. One must-see outdoor spot is the Woodland Discovery Playground at Shelby Farms Park. Shelby Farms Park has many great activities for kids and parents like horseback riding, zip lining, paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, laser tag, an off-leash dog park, and much more. If that doesn’t sound rugged enough, try the Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo, TN. It’s a small trek to Alamo – 1.5 hours by car – but it’s all worth it when you find yourself hand-feeding bison, zebras, and giraffes, and getting a close-up look at all the other animals in the park – monkeys, cranes, tapirs and much more. Entrance is $8 for children and $12 for adults.


You Can Feed Llamas and Other Animals From Your Car!

Good Eats

This is where Memphis excels, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Memphis is home to a range of excellent cuisines, but if you’re in town you have to wet your whistle on some BBQ. There’s no better place to start off than the chart-topping Central BBQ restaurant in Midtown. We recommend the BBQ nachos for the youngins, and make sure to share a rack of ribs around the table, but remember: things will get messy! Bring some wipes and a camera because when you’re done here you and your kid’s faces will make for quite the scene.


Central BBQ Serves Up Monster Portions

If you’re looking for a cheap lunch and a great atmosphere try Huey’s, which has several locations around Memphis, most notably a spot in Midtown. At Huey’s the kids’ menu is extensive and all items are priced under $6. If you’re in the mood for one of the many varieties of burgers you’re in for a deal and a treat. Our favorite is the Western Burger for $7.25 which is topped with Guacamole and Monterey jack cheese, but all the burgers are just as creative and well-priced. Kids love Huey’s because there’s more to it than sitting at a table and ordering food – Huey’s encourages practicing the art of graffiti on its walls and shooting toothpicks up into the restaurant ceiling.

Excellent Excursions

Memphis is one of those cities that has something special to do for every part of year, but one month reigns supreme: May. Every fifth month, Memphis celebrates “Memphis in May.” During this month visitors can experience several special events like the Beale Street Music Festival – May 5th to May 7th – which welcomes well-known and up and coming artists from a multitude of genres, the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest from the 17th to the 20th, the 901Fest music festival on the 27th, and the Great American River Run 5k and half marathon on the 28th. Another prime time to be in Memphis is August 11 through the 19th, when residents and visitors from all over the world celebrate Elvis Presley during Elvis Week.


The Memphis in May Festival is Right on the River

The kids will love checking out the Duck March at the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis. Twice a day at 11am Peabody Duckmaster marches a squad of ducks down a red carpet to a waddle around in a huge fountain until 5pm when they return home to rest up for the next day of entertaining the Peabody’s guests. Another amazing Memphis attraction is the Memphis Zoo, which boasts the American’s #1 Zoo rating on Children under 2 get in for free and adults for $15. The park hosts 3,500+ animals and over 500 different species! This all makes for a great learning experience too as it has educational sessions all day, including exhibits like a hippo chat, penguin and giraffe feeding, living with venomous snakes, and much more.


The Ducks March Like Royalty at the Peabody

Must-Visit Attractions

A visit to Memphis is an ideal chance to go face-to-face with some of America’s richest history. First, check out Elvis’ old home at Graceland. There’s a small, free curbside parking area right in front of the mansion wall, and you can park and peek over at the house and grounds, and take pictures every morning from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. All day on Tuesdays in the winter (except major holidays), you can walk up the driveway for free and visit the gravesites of Elvis and his family members. A tour of Graceland is free for children under 6 and $38.75 for adults. Another incredible historical Memphis attraction is the National Civil Rights Museum which was constructed around the Lorraine Hotel where MLK was assassinated. Children under 3 get in for free and adults pay $15.


Graceland is a Historical Landmark

If your family is looking for pure fun, bring your kids to the Memphis Railroad and Trolley Museum where, among other awesome exhibits, there is a Thomas the Tank Engine exhibit, a railroad tools exhibit, a freight tunnel exhibit, and a Mississippi river bridge exhibit. Kids below 3 get in for free and adults only pay $3. Another great option for families is the Pink Palace Museum which has dinosaur skeletons, fossils, and natural history exhibits. Last, but certainly not least, is the Sharpe Planetarium where  you can watch a survey of the solar system in the Autozone Dome. It’s out of this world!


Float Through Space at the Sharpe Planatarium

Baby Gear

With so much to do and so much to see in Memphis, it’s a no-brainer to mosey on down to western Tennessee. The pleasant weather, beautiful nature, and wide streets make Memphis one of America’s most walkable cities so don’t forget to arrange for a durable stroller when you arrive.


Your Liable to See Views Like This Walking in Memphis

If you decide to rent a crib for your stay, double check with your hotel to see if they have one. There are many stories of travelers arriving in Memphis expecting to have a crib waiting in their room, only to find that this was not the case. Also be aware that many car rental agencies in the Memphis Metro Area do not rent car seats, so make sure to reserve a car seat rental before you arrive. Many rental companies can even deliver to you at the airport or car rental lot.


Heather Munro is a Babierge Independent Trusted Partner, renting baby gear to traveling families out of Memphis, Tennessee. Heather has the scoop on what to see, what to eat and where it’s at in Memphis. Find her at: or follow her on Twitter at

A Local’s Love – Nifty Knowledge for Vacationing with Young Children in Kalamazoo

You may have never heard of Kalamazoo, or maybe just confused it for a small instrument of a similar name, but once you read this you’ll be wishing you had booked your family tickets to the lovely destination long ago. Kalamazoo is a charming city located right between Detroit and Chicago, about 150 miles away from each. Once known for its thriving industry, nowadays Kalamazoo is known less for industry and more for its stellar offerings to developing young companies and families – it offers fresh air, open spaces, peace and quiet, wonderful food, and friendly bars for that offer something to every family member. With a variety of outdoor activities, museums, and play places, there aren’t many other American cities that offer the same calm, relaxing pace and breadth of activities Kalamazoo does.


Kalamazoo’s Gorgeous Skyline and the Surrounding Wild

Access by Air

The local Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International airport is conveniently small. Unlike bigger airports in the region like Chicago’s O’Hare, Kalamazoo airport is significantly calmer, which means less time waiting in lines and more time sleeping in or grabbing a good meal before a flight. A safe bet is to arrive an hour and 15 minutes of time before your departure time just in case there are any hiccups during baggage and security checks.


The Main Lobby at Battle Creek Airport

Another great option that can cut costs and time on airplanes is the Amtrak train service that can get a family from Chicago to Kalamazoo, or the reverse, in just about 2 and a half hours. One-way tickets are cheap and hover around $200 for a family of four. If your kids love trains and machines as much as ours, visit the Kalamazoo Valley Museum when you arrive to learn about the next frontier, space travel, and the planets at the planetarium and Challenger exhibit.

Getting Around

Luckily, because of Kalamazoo’s manageable size, traffic isn’t much of an issue, but it does to get congested, especially at 5:00 on Fridays. If you decide to rent a car, avoid the busiest streets like Oakland and Westnedge if possible. Downtown Kalamazoo has free 90-minute parking on the street and 2 different parking ramps to take the stress out of finding a spot. When it comes to getting around walking is also a great option as all the restaurants and breweries are in walking distance from downtown. If you decide to get around by car remember, Kalamazoo’s Uber scene has a great reputation and drivers are usually available at a moment’s notice.


Kalamazoo is a Great Walking City!

Heading Outdoors 

Considering the many outdoor excursions Kalamazoo offers, it seems as if the city was made for adventurous, nature-loving families. In the summer check out the Kalamazoo Nature Center where kids get in free and adults only pay $7. The center rests on a huge reserve that offers 13 hiking trails covering over 10 miles of varied terrain. It also features educational programs like bird-tagging and butterfly observation. Visiting families can interact with farm animals and learn about the seasonal changes a farm experiences at the associated Delano Farms. Another warm month option is the Al Sabo Land Preserve, a free park with 25 miles of trails varying from flat terrain to rolling marshland. This is the perfect place to trek around while your child enjoys the views from your back in a baby backpack. If you’re lucky you might even come across the secluded boardwalk that extends over one of the park’s many marshes.


Just One Mesmerizing View at Al Sabo Nature Preserve

If you visit in colder months the outdoor attractions are just as welcoming as their warm season counterparts. For skiing families Timber Ridge and Bittersweet resorts are both great options. For families that just want to play in the snow, Echo Valley Winter Sports Park offers ice skating, tubing, and tobogganing for around $25 a person and has great food and fireplaces to warm up at while watching daddy scream like a kid as he flies down the mountain. Of course, if your family is itching to ride down other hills in Kalamazoo you can rent sleds for $6 a day.


The Massive Ice Rink at Echo Valley Winter Sports Park

Good Eats

Kalamazoo is chock full of great eateries and breweries, but don’t think they’re only for adults. Plenty of food options in Kalamazoo are great for the whole family.  A personal favorite is Food Dance, a restaurant that supports local farms, has quite an affordable kid’s menu, and enough stretching room for restless kids. For breakfast try out the ultra tasty, supremely affordable Crow’s Nest restaurants where virtually every meal is under $11!


Goodies Await at Food Dance

When it comes to breweries, there is a stellar map great for planning a pub crawl for mom and dad – it can be found here at Make sure to visit two great family-friendly spots: Old Dog Tavern which has $6 pizzas on Monday and $6 pulled pork sandwiches on Tuesday, and Bell’s Brewery which offers a highly educational brewery tour.


The Homey Backyard at Old Dog Tavern

Excellent Excursions

Kalamazoo’s Markin Glen Park is the perfect option for a family looking for some activity and some relaxation. The park is an awesome all-day option because it offers so much: fishing, hiking, sunbathing, camping, tennis, volleyball, and picnics. Don’t even bother bringing beach toys – you can rent a beach toy package for $4 a day. There’s a beech maple forest in the park, and a huge lake for swimming, sunbathing, wading, and fishing. If you do plan on bringing a picnic, stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, and meats at the Bank Street Farmer’s Market, which opens at 7am on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


Marking Glen Has Beaches, Playplaces, and Hiking

Lake Michigan is only 45 minutes away from Kalamazoo and has sandy beaches to caress your and your kid’s feet, but don’t forget – there are more than 83 lakes with public access all around Kalamazoo all with different flavors and activities to try out!

Must-Visit Attractions

Southern Michigan is liable to experience some extreme weather, both hot and cold. Here are some ideas for when the climate poses a challenge to outdoor plans, or the kids are in the mood for an educational experience: Binder Park Zoo is in nearby Battle Creek and holds 433 acres of space for all kinds of animals – polar bears, giraffes, prairie dogs, a red panda, and others. Children under 2 get in for free and if the family is around for meal times, kids can feed the giraffes for a dollar. The zoo also has a carousel, a mini train, and a high-flying tram.


Can’t Miss Feeding the Cute Giraffes at Binder Park Zoo

Air Zoo is an aviation and science museum with cheap admission and free entrance for children 0-4 years of age. It is a truly educational experience where visitors can learn about american aviation history, take flights across the Michigan countryside in a biplane, and try out flight simulators. Other exhibits include an examination of the Wright Brother’s first plane models and TIGERS: Tracking a Legend exhibit where visitors watch the journey a mother Bengal tiger and her cubs take through their territory.


There Are Planes Galore at the Air Zoo!

The extensive Gilmore Car Museum provides free entry to children 6 and under. A great place to learn about 20th century American history, the Gilmore museum has our county’s most memorable cars, from Model Ts, to 1930’s whiskey runners, and the most powerful hot rods from the 1960s and 1970s. Other activities include the Automotive Research Library and Archives, a model 1930s Shell gas station, a classic automotive artwork exhibit, an automotive mascots exhibit, and George & Sally’s 1941 Blue Moon Diner.

If you’re just looking for pure, unadulterated fun you can’t miss Bounceland in Kalamazoo proper, a facility that holds over 12,000 square feet of bouncing, jumping, and climbing equipment. Children under two years of age get in for $4 and everyone else only pays $8. This climate-controlled facility is the perfect place to get some exercise and go crazy while doing so.


Bounceland is Chock-Full of Bouncy Structures!

Baby Gear            

Whether you’re coming for a quick getaway or a lengthy vacation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Kalamazoo has a new activity for every day you spend here. It’s down-to-earth citizens and affordable, beautiful, and stressless living will make a fan of every member of your family. And while you’re taking a metaphorical load off, take the physical load off too and leave your baby equipment at home. Contact one of the local baby gear rental companies a week before your arrival so that they can meet you at the airport with all of your baby needs covered – strollers, car seats, bassinets, and even smaller essentials like stools, baby toys, books, and much more.  ___________________________________________________________________________

Jessie Maier is a Babierge Independent Trusted Partner, renting baby gear to traveling families out of Kalamazoo. Jessie has the down-low on how to enjoy every moment in southern Michigan. Find her at: or follow her on Twitter at

Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! Lindsey

Meet Lindsey, a Babierge Trusted Partner

Welcome to the first installment of the Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! series where you will meet Babierge’s Trusted Partners, the baby gear entrepreneurs who deliver strollers, car seats, and cribs straight to vacationing families.

Lindsey Meyer is a hard-working mama who rents baby gear out to visiting families and local grandparents in Chicago’s western suburbs. Visiting Chicago? Check out the gear she rents.


Day job: Works for family-owned business RatePlug. RatePlug provides realtors and mortgage lenders with marketing and technology solutions to help educate potential home buyers.

Most Unusual Gear Request: 10 cribs to be delivered within hours!

Most Fulfilling Rental: A double stroller, last-minute rental to help out a mom with disabled twins.

At Babierge Lindsey sets her own prices and delivery charges. She commonly sets gear up for families at their destination and then takes it down on departure days, although she will also meet them at the airport with gear, drop it off on doorsteps or at commercial businesses, (most recently at a dance studio) or arrange to have them pick it up at her place—she’s flexible.

8.22.16 107

Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs – Lindsey Really Does Deliver it All!

Lindsey’s story in her own words:

“A family friend who is also an independent Trusted Partner for Chicago on Babierge reached out to me. She wanted someone to cover the Chicago suburban area, as it was too far away from her location. I’ve wanted to explore entrepreneurship for some time. I especially wanted to do work that made a difference in people’s lives. I have a two-year-old daughter (and baby gear!), and really enjoy being around families. This seemed like a good fit. We see ourselves as a team, not as competitors, and together we can cover baby gear needs in a large area. I like being an entrepreneur, but also part of a team. And then once a week we all get to video conference with Trusted Partners from around the country and the leadership team. We share best practices, wins and general advice. We are helping each other succeed.

I started less than a month ago and I’ve already surpassed $500 in income. I’m renting more gear to grandparents than to traveling families, probably because I’m out in the suburbs, although I do get some traveling parents with young children too. I rent quality gear and clean it carefully after each use.

11.10.16 481

Lindsey’s Deliveries Help Kiddos Feel At Home While on Vacation

You asked what I learned. I feel empowered by doing this. That I could have a full-time job, be a busy mom and also start my own business in a matter of days was a bit of a surprise. I learned I really can manage my schedule and do both of these jobs, partially because both business have deep roots in family and understand the importance of flexibility and what this economy is all about-forward thinking business models offering services that make a difference in people’s lives.

I’m surprised by how much I love this! I see myself as a road warrior out there delivering baby and toddler gear that makes a huge difference in the quality of a family’s vacation or visit with the grandparents.

It may seem simple, but showing up with just the right baby gear, or educating a grandparent about choices in car seats for the most important little people in their lives, feels important to me.”

7.14.16 065