Babierge is a New Force in the Gig Economy

We at Babierge are elated to announce our first appearance in a national media publication. On September 9, 2016 Nicole Audrey Spector included Babierge in a wonderful piece about new opportunities for people wanting to make some hefty cash on the side – gig economy moneymakers.

Here’s the passage:

“Hang on to your baby’s car seats, cribs, and other big accessories — you just might be able to rent them out for some serious dough via Babierge, a baby equipment rental marketplace business.

The company launched last May with the goal of helping vacationing families who don’t want to trudge through the airport carrying bulky baby gear, or pay extra to check it, said Trish McDermott, a Babierge Independent Trusted Partner and mother based of four based in Oakland, California. Instead, parents can rent these items in the locations they’re visiting.

To rent out your baby gear, you would also need to become a “Trusted Partner” — stay-at-home parents, working parents, and even grandparents who have the gear but don’t always have the grandkids are examples of Trusted Partners renting through Babierge, said McDermott.

The Babierge Trusted Partners are creative, ingenuitive parents from around North America

“Trusted partners can make anywhere between $25 on a small rental to over $800, which has been our biggest one time rental so far,” said McDermott.

The most popular rental items on the platform are wooden portable cribs, said McDermott, with a favorite being the L.A. Baby CS-983-A-N 28″ x 52″ Natural Wood Folding Crib, which retails for about $200.”

Thanks to Audrey Nicole Spector at NBC for the awesome work and time she devoted to this piece!

Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! Lindsey

Meet Lindsey, a Babierge Trusted Partner

Welcome to the first installment of the Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! series where you will meet Babierge’s Trusted Partners, the baby gear entrepreneurs who deliver strollers, car seats, and cribs straight to vacationing families.

Lindsey Meyer is a hard-working mama who rents baby gear out to visiting families and local grandparents in Chicago’s western suburbs. Visiting Chicago? Check out the gear she rents.


Day job: Works for family-owned business RatePlug. RatePlug provides realtors and mortgage lenders with marketing and technology solutions to help educate potential home buyers.

Most Unusual Gear Request: 10 cribs to be delivered within hours!

Most Fulfilling Rental: A double stroller, last-minute rental to help out a mom with disabled twins.

At Babierge Lindsey sets her own prices and delivery charges. She commonly sets gear up for families at their destination and then takes it down on departure days, although she will also meet them at the airport with gear, drop it off on doorsteps or at commercial businesses, (most recently at a dance studio) or arrange to have them pick it up at her place—she’s flexible.

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Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs – Lindsey Really Does Deliver it All!

Lindsey’s story in her own words:

“A family friend who is also an independent Trusted Partner for Chicago on Babierge reached out to me. She wanted someone to cover the Chicago suburban area, as it was too far away from her location. I’ve wanted to explore entrepreneurship for some time. I especially wanted to do work that made a difference in people’s lives. I have a two-year-old daughter (and baby gear!), and really enjoy being around families. This seemed like a good fit. We see ourselves as a team, not as competitors, and together we can cover baby gear needs in a large area. I like being an entrepreneur, but also part of a team. And then once a week we all get to video conference with Trusted Partners from around the country and the leadership team. We share best practices, wins and general advice. We are helping each other succeed.

I started less than a month ago and I’ve already surpassed $500 in income. I’m renting more gear to grandparents than to traveling families, probably because I’m out in the suburbs, although I do get some traveling parents with young children too. I rent quality gear and clean it carefully after each use.

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Lindsey’s Deliveries Help Kiddos Feel At Home While on Vacation

You asked what I learned. I feel empowered by doing this. That I could have a full-time job, be a busy mom and also start my own business in a matter of days was a bit of a surprise. I learned I really can manage my schedule and do both of these jobs, partially because both business have deep roots in family and understand the importance of flexibility and what this economy is all about-forward thinking business models offering services that make a difference in people’s lives.

I’m surprised by how much I love this! I see myself as a road warrior out there delivering baby and toddler gear that makes a huge difference in the quality of a family’s vacation or visit with the grandparents.

It may seem simple, but showing up with just the right baby gear, or educating a grandparent about choices in car seats for the most important little people in their lives, feels important to me.”

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