What Not to Pack for a Grandparents Day Visit

Jimmy Carter signed Grandparents Day into existence in 1978, but none of us need a proclamation to recognize the value our parents play in our children’s lives. Grandparents are everyday heroes, especially to our little ones. What better way to honor those heroes than with a visit?

Grandparents and parents with a baby girl on mum’s knee

Make your visit an easy, hassle-free travel experience by packing light, bringing carry-on luggage only, and renting all the baby equipment you’ll need at your destination.

To help maximize this precious family time together, you’ll want to focus on two critical factors – great sleep and engaging daytime activities. Quality naps and restful all-night sleeping are must-haves for the whole family. One way to help your babies sleep through the night in unfamiliar places is to provide a full-size wooden crib with a comfortable mattress, just like the one at home. You’ll want to rent a crib and have it delivered and set-up in advance of your arrival.

Insider tip: be sure to pack the sheet your baby slept on the night before. This way the crib feels and smells just like the one at home.


Keep your little ones comfortable and entertained all day with an assortment of age-appropriate baby gear: infant swings, bathtubs, high chairs, and strollers for leisurely walks through the park are some of the bigger items to rent. Toys, games, and books are also available to rent and will provide for hours of happiness for babies and their grandparents.


The right baby gear magically transforms a long weekend with grandparents to the best fun ever–for you, your babies and their grandparents. Avoid a grumpy, sleepless trip to your parents’ house with the right gear. 

Make loving memories and avoid lugging your bulky baby gear this Grandparent’s Day. Babierge Baby Gear Rentals is in over 80 markets around North America. Where would you like to make memories this Grandparent’s Day? https://www.babierge.com/locations


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