Why Rent Baby Gear?

shutterstock_588979586 (1)Imagine this start to your next family vacation: You leave home on time, your baby in one arm as you roll your only gear, one small suitcase, with your other. No lines at a kiosk for checking gear and zero hassles through security. Walking easily through the airport, you grab a bite before the plane, laughing and enjoying the stress-free vacation kickoff with your family.

Millennial parents understand that borrowing is so much better than buying (and lugging) baby gear on family vacations. As the leading baby gear rental platform, Babierge solves a classic family travel conundrum – how the heck do you get through the airport and to your destination with little ones, luggage, and the pile of gear you need to relax and have fun with your family?

You don’t. Many Millennial parents are packing light and leaving their gear behind. That’s where baby equipment rental platforms like Babierge step in.

You can now have a wide array of quality baby gear delivered to your hotel or vacation rental upon arrival. Even better, have a Babierge Trusted Partner meet you at the airport with a car seat and stroller – and off you go. Baby gear delivery takes the hassle and stress out of family travel and makes for a better experience on all ends.

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Here’s just a few of the ways baby gear delivery makes family travel fun and relaxing:

Body – No more back pain, bruises, or getting battered with your own baby gear as you lug it through crowded airports or try to cram it in the trunk of your Lyft car.

Sleep – Babies and toddlers sleep better in a full-size crib, just like the one at home. When your little ones sleep through the night, everyone gets to relax and rest.

Play – You’ll never have to worry about hearing the dreaded, “I’m bored” from your kiddo when there’s a 32 gallon container of toys and books waiting for them in the hotel room. 

Adventure – The right gear gets you out of your hotel and onto the trails, the beach or any of the countless family attractions available at your vacation destination.

Save Money – Avoid ever-increasing luggage fees, and having to upgrade your rental car to a larger size in order to accommodate all your gear. 

Car Seat Convenience – Have car seats and everything else delivered to you at the airport if you’re grabbing a Lyft or Uber, or the rental car desk. This way you don’t have to worry about securing a car seat from the rental company, as they commonly run out of inventory.

Damaged Baby Equipment – No more last minute stress of having to replaced damaged gear while the clock is ticking on your precious vacation hours. 

Environmental Impact – Avoid the guilt of over-shopping and extra spending that comes with buying new gear and then abandoning it at your destination.

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Babierge rents, delivers and sets up exceptionally clean and quality baby equipment in more than 100 vacation destinations. View our locations at https://www.babierge.com/locations.

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