Spring Travel Sleep Saver Guide

We know when it comes to family vacations there’s one common denominator to coming home with happy memories: sleep.

These tips will have you spending more time sleeping soundly and less time rocking a restless baby to sleep this Spring:

1) Embrace Routine – If you usually do bath and a story before bedtime, stick to that schedule.

2) No Tummy Surprises – Last thing you need is an upset tummy. Feed your baby meals like the ones at home and avoid new foods and sweets before bedtime.

3) Bring a Piece of Home – For infants in an unfamiliar environment, sleep comes easier with a sheet that feels and smells like home.

4) Beat the Jet Lag – Gradually nudge your baby’s nap and bedtimes closer to your destination time zone the week before you travel. Alternatively, stick with your home time zone for short trips.

5) Extend Your Night – If you don’t have a dark room or a room with shades, bring or rent blackout shades that stick to windows.

Traveling around North America this Spring? We’d love to ensure your family sleeps smoothly throughout your travels. Reserve sleep packages and other gear in your upcoming vacation destination when you click below. 

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