Babierge Above and Beyond Trusted Partner Award April, 2018 – Amber Brown

This month’s Above and Beyond Trusted Partner recognition award goes to our community’s walking ray of sunshine – Salt Lake City Trusted Partner, Amber Brown. A mom of three energetic kiddos, she juggles a part time career as a disability lawyer while always finding a way to make time for those around her who need help or advice.

Since joining the Babierge platform in May 2017, Amber, along with other Salt Lake City Trusted Partner Annie Kocherhans, have been the ideal example of how two Babierge Trusted Partners can put their energy, capabilities, and time together to create more opportunity and business for the whole rather than working exclusively for themselves. In fact, Annie chimed in to illustrate just how important Amber has been for her:

“Last month Amber definitely went above and beyond! We have started helping each other by borrowing gear when we are out of something. Our market was really busy the few months during the peak of ski season in Park City. We both had all of our cribs out and and had helped each other out quite a bit that week. But Sunday night I ended up having my appendix out. Amber was so helpful in getting all my gear returned that week after and doing 4 pickups for me as well as taking a couple orders that I was unable to fulfill. She definitely deserves this award.”

Looking for someone to pull out the stops for your next vacation in Salt Lake City? Amber and her little helpers are ready to make your vacation unforgettable.

Babierge Above and Beyond Trusted Partner Award February, 2018 – Sarah Huff

After nearly 2 years as a baby gear rental platform, Babierge is incredibly lucky to have a group of wily veterans who have been around since the start, and understand just how to create successful, well-regarded baby gear rental businesses. To the great advantage of our platform, these experienced Trusted Partners are willing to share so much of their wisdom and learnings with a constant flow of newcomers. Even better is how these veterans fully support the Babierge platform and are committed to growing it through our Trusted Partner referral program.

Los Angeles Trusted Partner Sarah Huff is a testament to this enduring sense of selflessness and teamwork. Our seventh ever Trusted Partner, she is being recognized as the February Above and Beyond winner for her leadership within our Trusted Partner community, as well as her responsiveness and positive communications with customers. As the top TP referral source this month, Sarah has made great contributions to the Babierge community while also making time to attend the San Francisco Trusted Partner meet up, participating in the Top Performing Trusted Partner panel, and sharing her tips for success. This month she will also be leading our very first community topic training focused on iPhone communication tips to ensure partners always respond to customer calls. Her fellow LA and OC Trusted Partners speak highly of Sarah’s leadership and teamwork skills. She has helped other Los Angeles and Orange County Trusted Partners fill large orders, and regularly makes herself available to them for questions and support. Big gratitude to Sarah for all her continuing contributions and hard work! We don’t have to tell you how her customers are raving too:

“Sarah went above and beyond for me, going so far as to track down an item for me to rent from a colleague that she didn’t have available in her own stock. She was also very quick with her communication and delivery and pick up were a breeze. Will definitely be using her service again in the future next time we are in LA and have already recommended her to friends. Thank you, Sarah, for making our trip with our baby that much easier!”

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Babierge Above and Beyond Trusted Partner Award January, 2018 – Kaylee Tucker

 Any successful organization has “glue” – those people who are more than willing to sacrifice their time and effort to improve the lives of those around them. At Babierge these people are a shining light in our community, providing big smiles, advice, support, and opportunity to their team members.
Meet Kaylee Mae Tucker, the January 2018 Babierge Above and Beyond award winner. Kaylee was selected because her positive attitude and helpfulness within the Babierge Trusted Partner community make her the textbook definition of a “glue” person. She has referred and recruited several Trusted Partners to the Babierge platform and continues to do so, and also led the charge to have stylish Babierge branded shirts and jackets ordered, printed and shipped out to the Trusted Partner community. She does all this while being a contributing author to the Wenatchee Mom Blog too, writing about life and travels with a baby and her experiences as a Babierge Trusted Partner.

Kaylee’s customers rave about her flexibility and generosity too:

“…Kaylee was fantastic from start to finish. I contacted her with less than a week until our arrival, and she responded and had my rental booked in less than 24 hours. She asked questions that helped clarify the order, and the order itself was perfect! I even asked to add on two humidifiers last minute, and she made it happen. Everything was super clean and looked new and amazingly organized. My husband thought that renting a box of toys wasn’t going to be worth it, but it absolutely was! She put together a box that my toddler loved and kept him entertained for the whole week. Kaylee was so helpful throughout the process, extremely thoughtful, and I would recommend her to everyone!…”
In addition to all Kaylee has done for other Trusted Partners, she embodies the Babierge Core Values both when interacting with Customers and within our Community. She is an active contributor to Mastermind, sharing marketing ideas, tips and useful travel trends. Kaylee is someone we all love having on the team!

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