Babierge Above and Beyond Trusted Partner Award April, 2018 – Amber Brown

This month’s Above and Beyond Trusted Partner recognition award goes to our community’s walking ray of sunshine – Salt Lake City Trusted Partner, Amber Brown. A mom of three energetic kiddos, she juggles a part time career as a disability lawyer while always finding a way to make time for those around her who need help or advice.

Since joining the Babierge platform in May 2017, Amber, along with other Salt Lake City Trusted Partner Annie Kocherhans, have been the ideal example of how two Babierge Trusted Partners can put their energy, capabilities, and time together to create more opportunity and business for the whole rather than working exclusively for themselves. In fact, Annie chimed in to illustrate just how important Amber has been for her:

“Last month Amber definitely went above and beyond! We have started helping each other by borrowing gear when we are out of something. Our market was really busy the few months during the peak of ski season in Park City. We both had all of our cribs out and and had helped each other out quite a bit that week. But Sunday night I ended up having my appendix out. Amber was so helpful in getting all my gear returned that week after and doing 4 pickups for me as well as taking a couple orders that I was unable to fulfill. She definitely deserves this award.”

Looking for someone to pull out the stops for your next vacation in Salt Lake City? Amber and her little helpers are ready to make your vacation unforgettable.

Babierge Above and Beyond Trusted Partner Award March, 2018 – Bethany Baker

Isn’t it great when good things happen to even better people? Well that’s what happened this month for our March Above and Beyond award winner Bethany Baker! This Atlanta Trusted Partner and mom of two adorable littles is being recognized for her steadfast honesty, authentic attitude, and constant positive contributions to Babierge’s Trusted Partner community. She also just happened to luck out and win our Trusted Partner referral raffle prize of $500!

So wonderful to see the stars align for Bethany, a major collaborator and source of support for the other Babierge Trusted Partners. She attends virtually every TP bi-monthly meeting, and according to another Trusted Partner “always shares helpful things, she’s honest and down to earth, and she’s successful.” Bethany truly cares about the Babierge community and helping all the Babierge TP’s succeed. If a partner has an issue, Bethany always chimes in with an uplifting, positive outlook, as she approaches all obstacles with a tough mama, can-do attitude. We appreciate all she does to provide love, support, and understanding to our community.

Clearly Bethany’s customers, like Monisha from Newhall, CA, appreciate her for these same qualities:

“I called Babierge today to reserve a car seat for my almost three-year old. A cheery voice greeted me on the phone. It was Bethany. Though she typically doesn’t deliver to the Buford area, she was willing to make the long drive to “make it happen”! She was polite and reassuring and so very patient as I filled out the reservation information. Though we had to change our plans, I was left with such a lovely experience. I wish this type of customer service was the rule. Sadly, it’s the exception. Bethany is the exception. You can bet that the next time we travel to ATL, and if we need to rent baby gear, she will be the first phone call I make. Thank you, Bethany, for being an exception to the rule!”

Find out why friends, colleagues, and customers are raving about Bethany and let her supply your family with premium car seats, strollers, cribs, and more when you visit Atlanta, Georgia.  

Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! Lisa Brown – Kansas City, Kansas

Mom-of-all-trades Lisa Brown is a wife and at-home mom to two (soon to be three!) kiddos. Prior to having children, Lisa worked as a Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist serving children in Title 1 multicultural public-school environments. These days she strives to provide a variety of fun and educational experiences for her children, and they can frequently be found at the local children’s museum, the Kansas City zoo, library story times, gymnastics class, or at a local park. Ask you can tell, Lisa always has her hands full, but when she’s not parenting, she works as a Babierge Trusted Partner to provide wonderful vacation experiences to traveling families. Being a Babierge Trusted Partner has fit great in the nooks and crannies of her day, so she can focus on her family and still earn extra side income.

Funniest Delivery Experience: The funniest experience Lisa had was when she had to call a client from the Emergency Room about an order. She had planned to be home to receive a car seat from grandparents who had rented it for the weekend, but she ended up in the ER with a badly dislocated shoulder, and no cell phone reception. She had to use the ER landline to call the grandparents and re-arrange drop off. She wonders to this day what those grandparents were thinking when ER came up on their caller ID!

Biggest Surprise: What I’ve been most surprised to learn is how much time and organization it takes to keep track of the business side of things. Buying, cleaning, and delivering the gear is only one side of the coin. Figuring out taxes, revenue vs. profit, tracking expenses and mileage. My degree is in speech-pathology, not business, but throughout the course of becoming a TP, I’ve discovered that I can run my own business!

Trusted Partner’s Story in Her Own Words: After my oldest daughter (now 3 ½) was born there were a whirlwind of changes for our family in a short amount of time. Within 9 weeks, we had a baby, my husband completed his Master’s degree, I left my full-time job, we moved from the DC area back to my husband’s hometown of Kansas City, and my husband started a new job. Whew!

I quickly went to work finding ways to trim our budget without compromising our priorities-I figured that if I wasn’t making an income, I may as well find ways to save or even create income! One day a friend and fellow at-home mom read an article in Brit+Co and sent me a message “I was reading about side-hustles and thought of you. Have you seen Babierge? Looks like it’s not in KC yet. Such a good idea for a business”. As I read up on the company, I realized she was right, and that this was something I wanted to try out. I love baby gear and everyone knows it!

I love being a Babierge Trusted Partner because I can actually work with my kids! They’re with me all the time, so they’re in on all the Babierge fun, helping to move gear around and meeting wonderful customers. If I have a delivery in a different part of town, I try to make an outing of it! Once we went to the KU Museum of Natural History and saw dinosaur bones since we had a delivery at a hotel just down the street. That was something we wouldn’t have done otherwise since it was about a 40-minute drive. Usually we do something fun after deliveries, like a play date with someone who lives in that part of town, or we go out to Chick-Fil-A for ice cream or drive through Starbucks for a special treat! My kids are growing up so fast so I really enjoy how being a TP allows me to focus on my family while contributing financially to our household. It gives me an outlet for my professional skills without compromising my dedication to my family.

Lisa Brown is the perfect choice to take care of all your baby gear needs during a visit to Kansas City. Check out her gear selection at

Babierge Above and Beyond Trusted Partner Award December, 2017 – A.D. Simmons

Babierge Trusted Partners are the best. Every day they go out of their way to provide not just baby gear, but also extraordinarily caring customer service to traveling families. They save vacations, often taking last-minute calls and running out to provide emergency gear at times other businesses wouldn’t answer the phone.

What most people don’t know is that behind the scenes these Trusted Partners are also remarkable men and women. Highly collaborative and amazingly supportive of each other, they help other Trusted Partners successfully launch and grow their rental businesses, tackle challenges, find great deals on quality gear and much, much more.

Meet A.D. Simmons, a Babierge Trusted Partner in Vancouver, WA and recipient of the Babierge “Above and Beyond” award for December, 2017. A.D. is constantly helping others and going out of her way to make people happy. Her positive energy and enthusiasm is practically contagious in the Babierge community.

A.D.’s customers love her too.

”When I arrived, our lady stepped out of the door, ready with two perfect, clean, unrumpled car seats. They were precisely what I needed. In addition, there was a gift bag of equipment for my grandgirlies, which they loved! I will (and already have) spread the word about Babierge services and would drive a hundred miles to deal with my Lady of Happy Services here in Vancouver...

When not running her Babierge side gig, A.D. is the owner of Aligned Lifestyle Concierge, a company that takes care of clients’ daily responsibilities so they can stress less and better enjoy the beauty of life. A.D. is truly always helping others.

With her fabulous, always-willing-to-help-out, can-do attitude, A.D. was able to help another Babierge Trusted Partner over the recent Thanksgiving holiday by lending her gear, thus saving the day for her colleague and her traveling customers! All of us at Babierge can count on A.D. to introduce helpful topics in our team meetings, share her insights and business strategies so others can benefit, and embrace Babierge’s core values, especially authenticity and collaboration. Thanks so much, A.D. for your selflessness, and for going above and beyond in everything you do for Babierge customers and within our community.

Book gear with A.D. and let her make your trip to Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA go above and beyond at

Silent Nights – Help Your Baby Rest Well During Holiday Travel

Does the idea of your baby sleeping smoothly in an unfamiliar place seem like a Christmas miracle? Babierge has some insider tips that will have your baby sound asleep while you relax and enjoy the festivities wherever you travel this holiday.

1) Rent a crib just like at home – Crib rentals are available in travel destinations across the country and make your baby feel safe and secure like at home.

2) Try to keep the same routine as home – If you usually do bath and a story before bedtime, stick to that schedule.

3) Prepare similar meals and avoid new foods after dinner – Last thing you need is an upset tummy. Feed your baby meals like the ones at home and avoid new foods, or holiday sweets, before bedtime.

4) Bring unwashed sheets and some favorite dolls or stuffed animals from home – For toddlers, a favorite stuffed animal or doll feels safe and comfortable. In an unfamiliar environment, sleep comes easier on a sheet that feels and smells like home. 

5) Pack a crib mobile – If your baby is usually lulled into sleep with a mobile, try to bring it along, or rent a similar one at your destination.

6) Adjust for timezone changes – Two schools of thought: One says gradually nudge your baby’s nap and bedtime closer to your destination time zone, starting the week before you travel. Another supports sticking with your home time zone for short trips.

7) Renting? Ask if they have a dark room, or room with shades for naps and earlier bedtimes – You can also bring or rent blackout shades that stick to windows.

8) Sound machine – If you don’t use already use one, start the week before you leave, especially if you’re traveling to a noisy place.

9) Never hurts to pack Tylenol or Motrin, just in case! – Disinfect your way through airports and long flights and wash hands – a lot! Bring your standard meds along too, as kids are exposed to lots of new germs when traveling. Sick littles ones can have long, difficult nights.

10) Rent a cool mist humidifier – The air in arid or elevated destinations can be dry. A cool mist humidifier (never use a warm mist humidifier around little ones) can help babies sleep more comfortably.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a baby was stirring…

All of us at Babierge wish you silent nights and warm, cozy, fun-filled days full of rest and relaxation during your holiday travel.


Why Rent Baby Gear?

shutterstock_588979586 (1)Imagine this start to your next family vacation: You leave home on time, your baby in one arm as you roll your only gear, one small suitcase, with your other. No lines at a kiosk for checking gear and zero hassles through security. Walking easily through the airport, you grab a bite before the plane, laughing and enjoying the stress-free vacation kickoff with your family.

Millennial parents understand that borrowing is so much better than buying (and lugging) baby gear on family vacations. As the leading baby gear rental platform, Babierge solves a classic family travel conundrum – how the heck do you get through the airport and to your destination with little ones, luggage, and the pile of gear you need to relax and have fun with your family?

You don’t. Many Millennial parents are packing light and leaving their gear behind. That’s where baby equipment rental platforms like Babierge step in.

You can now have a wide array of quality baby gear delivered to your hotel or vacation rental upon arrival. Even better, have a Babierge Trusted Partner meet you at the airport with a car seat and stroller – and off you go. Baby gear delivery takes the hassle and stress out of family travel and makes for a better experience on all ends.

shutterstock_208828243 (1)

Here’s just a few of the ways baby gear delivery makes family travel fun and relaxing:

Body – No more back pain, bruises, or getting battered with your own baby gear as you lug it through crowded airports or try to cram it in the trunk of your Lyft car.

Sleep – Babies and toddlers sleep better in a full-size crib, just like the one at home. When your little ones sleep through the night, everyone gets to relax and rest.

Play – You’ll never have to worry about hearing the dreaded, “I’m bored” from your kiddo when there’s a 32 gallon container of toys and books waiting for them in the hotel room. 

Adventure – The right gear gets you out of your hotel and onto the trails, the beach or any of the countless family attractions available at your vacation destination.

Save Money – Avoid ever-increasing luggage fees, and having to upgrade your rental car to a larger size in order to accommodate all your gear. 

Car Seat Convenience – Have car seats and everything else delivered to you at the airport if you’re grabbing a Lyft or Uber, or the rental car desk. This way you don’t have to worry about securing a car seat from the rental company, as they commonly run out of inventory.

Damaged Baby Equipment – No more last minute stress of having to replaced damaged gear while the clock is ticking on your precious vacation hours. 

Environmental Impact – Avoid the guilt of over-shopping and extra spending that comes with buying new gear and then abandoning it at your destination.

shutterstock_493859077 (1)

Babierge rents, delivers and sets up exceptionally clean and quality baby equipment in more than 100 vacation destinations. View our locations at