How to Pamper Mom on Family Vacations

We set the bar rather high in terms of our family vacation expectations. Must-haves commonly include easy travel to a warm, welcoming location; lovely, uncrowded beaches or picturesque pools; a packed itinerary that keeps the family entertained and engaged; scrumptious food and serious family bonding time as we turn off our devices and reconnect with our tribe.

High expectations for our children are fine, but family vacations should also provide an opportunity for parents to rest, recharge, and let out a grateful “ahhh” as we dig our toes into warm sand and pick up the hot-read of fiction. Some moms, especially stay-at-home moms who are accustomed to parenting on an almost 24/7 schedule, might need a little nudge, or loving reminder, that it’s OK to slip away for a little mommy down time. Spouses and partners (and kids!) will reap the rewards of a well-rested, pampered mom for the rest of the vacation.

Here are four easy ways to pamper mom on your next family vacation.

Massage Magic – Let mom start her day with a quiet breakfast followed by a deep tissue massage that works out all the physical and emotional kinks of parenting. Soft lights, even softer music, and a little time to drift where her unencumbered thoughts take her as tight muscles are coaxed into relaxation. Total bliss and luxury!

Afternoon at the Museum – Although it’s likely you’ve already explored some of the kid-friendly museums at your vacation destination, mom might have a museum in mind that has zero kid appeal. Give her the afternoon off to explore her own interests. Oh happy mom!

Solo Dinner and a Movie – Take the kids out for a night on the town, or hunker down in the hotel for a movie marathon, while mom gets to dine at the restaurant of her choice, perhaps lingering over a fine wine, or a luscious desert, before dashing off to see her #1 movie choice.

In-Room Pampering – It may not take much more than thirty minutes in a warm, aromatic bath, a dimmer switch, a candle and a locked bathroom door for mom to unwind. If you’re renting baby equipment for your family vacation, be sure to ask about a Mommy Pamper Package.

No matter where you’re traveling, Babierge has baby gear and rental packages that will pamper your entire family – because you deserve it!

Spring Travel Sleep Saver Guide

We know when it comes to family vacations there’s one common denominator to coming home with happy memories: sleep.

These tips will have you spending more time sleeping soundly and less time rocking a restless baby to sleep this Spring:

1) Embrace Routine – If you usually do bath and a story before bedtime, stick to that schedule.

2) No Tummy Surprises – Last thing you need is an upset tummy. Feed your baby meals like the ones at home and avoid new foods and sweets before bedtime.

3) Bring a Piece of Home – For infants in an unfamiliar environment, sleep comes easier with a sheet that feels and smells like home.

4) Beat the Jet Lag – Gradually nudge your baby’s nap and bedtimes closer to your destination time zone the week before you travel. Alternatively, stick with your home time zone for short trips.

5) Extend Your Night – If you don’t have a dark room or a room with shades, bring or rent blackout shades that stick to windows.

Traveling around North America this Spring? We’d love to ensure your family sleeps smoothly throughout your travels. Reserve sleep packages and other gear in your upcoming vacation destination when you click below. 

Easter Sunday Egg Hunt Tips

Whether you’re keeping it local, or hitting the road this Easter holiday, chances are visions of goodie-packed Easter eggs are already dancing around in your little ones’ heads. Here are a few quick tips for maximizing the fun (and minimizing the sugar) at any egg hunt.

  1. Tidy Smiles – Taking family photos? Schedule your shoot before the egg hunt and big meal so your kids look adorable for pictures.
  2. Avoid Sugar Highs – Fill some eggs with stickers, bunny crackers, finger puppets, stamp rings, bouncy balls, erasers, and our favorite – mini sticky hands! Hatchimal eggs are a great outside-the-box option that kids always enjoy.
  3. Keep it Fair – If there are lots of littles, give each one a specific color of egg to look for so everyone gets about the same amount of treats.
  4. Organize by Age Group – Let the youngest go first and pick up the closest eggs. Leave the hardest to find eggs, and the ones placed at the greatest distance, for the older kids.
  5. Bounce like a Bunny – If you have a large family, consider renting an Easter bouncy house for post-hunt fun. They’ll bounce for hours and have a blast!
  6. Cottontail Trail – For especially tricky to find eggs, use bunny footprints as a hint. You can make them out of cardboard paper and press them into the ground before the hunt.
  7. Easy Peasy – Attend a community egg hunt and let the hosting organization do all the work so you can join your child for the fun.

Traveling this Easter? Contact a Babierge Trusted Partner at your destination for information about local egg hunts around the community. Have a great Sunday!

Silent Nights – Help Your Baby Rest Well During Holiday Travel

Does the idea of your baby sleeping smoothly in an unfamiliar place seem like a Christmas miracle? Babierge has some insider tips that will have your baby sound asleep while you relax and enjoy the festivities wherever you travel this holiday.

1) Rent a crib just like at home – Crib rentals are available in travel destinations across the country and make your baby feel safe and secure like at home.

2) Try to keep the same routine as home – If you usually do bath and a story before bedtime, stick to that schedule.

3) Prepare similar meals and avoid new foods after dinner – Last thing you need is an upset tummy. Feed your baby meals like the ones at home and avoid new foods, or holiday sweets, before bedtime.

4) Bring unwashed sheets and some favorite dolls or stuffed animals from home – For toddlers, a favorite stuffed animal or doll feels safe and comfortable. In an unfamiliar environment, sleep comes easier on a sheet that feels and smells like home. 

5) Pack a crib mobile – If your baby is usually lulled into sleep with a mobile, try to bring it along, or rent a similar one at your destination.

6) Adjust for timezone changes – Two schools of thought: One says gradually nudge your baby’s nap and bedtime closer to your destination time zone, starting the week before you travel. Another supports sticking with your home time zone for short trips.

7) Renting? Ask if they have a dark room, or room with shades for naps and earlier bedtimes – You can also bring or rent blackout shades that stick to windows.

8) Sound machine – If you don’t use already use one, start the week before you leave, especially if you’re traveling to a noisy place.

9) Never hurts to pack Tylenol or Motrin, just in case! – Disinfect your way through airports and long flights and wash hands – a lot! Bring your standard meds along too, as kids are exposed to lots of new germs when traveling. Sick littles ones can have long, difficult nights.

10) Rent a cool mist humidifier – The air in arid or elevated destinations can be dry. A cool mist humidifier (never use a warm mist humidifier around little ones) can help babies sleep more comfortably.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a baby was stirring…

All of us at Babierge wish you silent nights and warm, cozy, fun-filled days full of rest and relaxation during your holiday travel.


How to Travel Easy with Babies This Holiday

Nearly half of the families in Babierge’s November 2017 family travel survey feel the most stressful aspect of family travel is the very first leg – simply getting themselves, their babies, and their stuff through busy airports and then enduring a long, crowded flight with (sometimes cranky) little ones. Thirty-three percent feel most anxious about having the right gear for their children while another ten percent are concerned with baby safety at their accommodations.

Needless to say, vacations are where family memories are made. Here are some tips to reduce stress and travel anxiety so you can start making memories as soon as you leave home.

Schlep Less

Pack Light – Have baby equipment, toys, games, diapers, baby food and a lot more delivered to your hotel or vacation rental.

Ship Gifts – Don’t travel with your Christmas or Hanukkah gifts. Instead have them shipped, already wrapped, to your destination.  Then mail them to yourself before returning home.

Make Security a Sinch

Explain in Advance – Helping kids understand the security process and keeping it all postive reduces stress (for everyone). “They keep us safe. First we put our belonging through an x-ray machine and they take a picture of them. Then we walk through a little door.”

Cut in Line – Most checkpoints have family lines, which often means his often moves you to the front of the line.

Encourage toddlers to walk through on their own – If you are holding a toddler when you go through screening and the alarm beeps, you are both subject to additional search.

Optimize Your Flight

Timing is Everything – When is your baby the happiest? Book a flight with this sweet spot in mind.

Book up Front – It’s a lot easier to board and exit, especially with babes in arms, and the front tends to be quieter.

Window! – No one wants baby’s head bonked by someone barreling down the aisle.  Window seats provide privacy, some support for your own head and arm, and even a little entertainment for babies and toddlers.

Pay for Peace – While it’s true you can hold your lap baby until age 2 on most airlines, booking an extra seat and placing your baby in an FAA-approved car seat, can make for a much more relaxing flight for everyone.  

Dress for Success – Comfortable clothing keeps your kids happy. Adorable outfits can go a long way towards helping your fellow passengers overlook noisy kids on long flights.

Happy travels!

Five Great Side Gigs to Earn Serious Holiday Cash

holiday-giftsVisions of delighting your little ones with piles of presents under the Christmas tree may be beginning to dance in your head. But where will the money to make these merry memories come from?

Have no fear, for ‘tis the season of holiday-themed side hustles. Side hustles in the gig economy can provide quick opportunities to put extra holiday cash in your pocket – sometimes a lot of cash – doing fun and rewarding work. Whether putting your holiday gift wrapping skills to work, helping a local family put up Christmas lights and decorations, or delivering baby gear to a young family surprised by lack of inventory at the local hotel, there is work waiting for you.

Check out these great side hustles to make some serious cash this holiday season.


Lyft – For people with a driver’s license and a car that meets the qualifications, Lyft is one of the easiest opportunities for making extra income – work when and where you want simply by getting in your car, and Lyft will match you to a nearby passenger. The holidays are one of the best times to work with Lyft as they bring high demand and interesting people from out of town. Plus, if you prefer to maximize your payout for time worked, you can wait for what Lyft calls “Prime Time,” often later on weekend nights, when surge pricing leads to a large increase in earnings.

11 (1)

Babierge – Have some quality baby gear lying around? Babierge helps you make extra income renting baby equipment to traveling families. If you have toys, cribs, strollers, and much more, you can rent and deliver your gear to families at hotels, vacation rentals, or even at grandma’s house. Babierge quickly trains you about working in the hospitality industry, builds your web site and drives online business to you. Want extra business? Babierge gives you access to business cards and brochures you can leave at local hotels. Babierge estimates its Trusted Partners (their gig economy baby gear rental entrepreneurs) make somewhere around $40 for each hour of work. Extra bonus – families love it when you show up with gear and toys! Get started by filling out this quick application.


Rover – Must love dogs! If you do, this is the gig for you. After a quick background check and approval, Rover allows you to take care of other people’s dogs for cash, whether it be a quick visit for a potty break, a walk, hosting a doggy day care, or housing dogs overnight while their owners are out of town, there are all kinds of ways to make money playing with our furry best friends. Like many gigs, the holidays provide a big time demand for Rover workers and a great time to get started.


Fiverr Are you artistic or have a creative skill? Whether it be music ability, art and design expertise, acting skills, and much more, Fiverr is a great way to make side cash having fun and making people happy through digital design and media services. During the holidays, singing carols, music lessons, ugly sweater design, cooking, and many other skills are just some services you can provide to generate cash on Fiverr.

https-blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.comuploadscardimage210085GettyImages-157859358 – If you’re a people person, then has tons of options for you. Whether it be babysitting, elderly care, housekeeping, nursing, and even tutoring, has a way for you to make money using your skills to improve people’s lives and help the world become a better place. All you have to do is sign up on, detail your profile with your abilities and talents, then apply for jobs that look like you!

The gig economy is a fun way to take the financial stress out of the holiday season. Who knows, you might discover a hobby, or better yet, launch a business that enriches your life all year-round. If helping others enjoy their holiday travel and festivities resonates with you, then why not pick up a side hustle? Rumor has it that holiday gigs also help you land on Santa’s good list.