Babierge’s Spring Cleaning Fun – Earth Day Tips and Activities

In honor of our beautiful planet and the wonderful experiences and people it provides us, here are 5 blogs that offer some great ways to lend a hand in keeping the Earth healthy, all while having fun with your kiddos improving your home.

From Babierge to you, have a wonderful Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Spring 2018!

Ingenious Ways to Reuse Baby Gear

Baby clothes, blankets, toys, potty trainers, cribs – parents can extend the shelf lives of all these items by creatively repurposing them into all kinds of things: book shelves, porch benches, plant feeders, and new stuffed animals. These projects will have your old baby gear working for you instead of sitting in a dumpster.

  • Clothes into Companions – There are so many different items you can make with your baby’s old clothes and blankets. Rather than donating them, you can always consider creating a new stuffed animal, quilt, pillow, or headband for your baby.
  • Cribs into Porch Benches – Got an old or broken crib? You can turn that into a beautiful porch bench, with very little work or skill required.
  • Toys into Treasure – Reusing toys is just a matter of imagination and creativity. Have extra trucks lying around? They can be used as planters for flowers and succulents in your garden. Or, grab a 2×4 piece of wood and superglue toy figures on to create a coat hanger your kids will love.
  • Gear into Cash – If you have extra quality baby gear in excellent condition lying around and want to make some extra income, Babierge awaits. Babierge helps you start your own baby gear rental business renting out cribs, car seats, highchairs, toys and more to traveling families.
  • Make it a Contribution – Watch what gets played with and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t get played with then it becomes donation material.

Organic and Green Products for Baby

Often times green products are not just healthy for Mother Nature, they’re also healthier for our bodies. When it comes to baby products this is especially true. Babies grow rapidly and each thing they interact with has the potential to affect their health, for better or worse. Here are some basic starting points to keep your baby healthy and happy with environmentally friendly products.

  • Teething – The American Association of Pediatricians policy states that any teething toy or pacifier your baby uses should be BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.
  • Bath Time – Newborns only need a sponge bath and rinse with warm water. Once a baby is a couple months old green products are a great choice as they are free of chemicals that can irritate skin.
  • Crib Sheets – Newborns sleep more than half a day on average, so a healthy sleeping place is important. Consider organic cotton sheets that are soft, chemical free, and most importantly, cozy. How you launder is important – an all-clear detergent, no perfumes/dyes.
  • Bottles – The bottles humans drink from are surprisingly impactful. Even when bottles are certified BPA free, they can give off other harmful chemicals. For babies and mommies, glass bottles and high-quality, green baby bottles are safest.

Spring Cleaning Baby Gear Storage Tips

Are you constantly assaulted by toy mines waiting to attack your feet at any moment as you meander through your own home? Veteran TP Bethany Baker has a patented organization system that will both protect your soles, and teach your children about organization and tidiness.

  1. Yes Pile, No Pile – First minimize by getting rid of anything you or your children don’t use or doesn’t bring you joy.
    • *Protip: If you are struggling to get rid of something for sentimental reasons take a picture of it. That way you can save it without it taking up any space.
  2. Sort it Out – Sort the stuff you’re keeping by item size so you know how much of each category and you can get the right sized container.
  3. Store it Well – Store smaller things in containers that stack securely on top of each other, or the green option: diaper boxes. It’s free and the boxes are smaller and easier to move around.
  4. Clean it – It’s important to make sure everything is clean before you store it. We like Babyganics brand or similar organic cleaners for sanitizing toys and soft items.
  5. Have a System – Clear tubs you can see into without opening are great, but color coordinating categories with colored tubs is preferable for others.
  6. Document it – Label the tubs with a general category and then list the contents. For example, “Craft Supplies: paper, cutting utensils, adhesives, ribbon, stickers, popsicle sticks.”

Join the Green Rental Movement

Aside from offering cash saving solutions to classic consumer issues, the emerging sharing economy is also quite green in nature. Owning less stuff = less garbage later. Below are some great ways to leverage the sharing economy to save some money and reduce your family’s environmental footprint.

  • Easy One-Offs – Need a jogging stroller for a mommy & baby run? Taking the family on a hike? Don’t buy gear that will spend of its time on a shelf. Save money, and the planet, by renting gear you will seldom use.
  • Upgrade Your Celebration – If you’re hosting fifteen or twenty children for a birthday party and need extra trains, toys, games or even a complete soft play zone, stay green and reduce your carbon footprint by renting gear instead of purchasing new.
  • Try Before You Buy – Before you purchase that expensive jogging stroller, only to find it’s a challenge to get it in and out of your car and, as a result, doesn’t get much use, rent it for a few days to make sure it’s right for you.
  • Use it or Lose it – Babies age out of some gear rather quickly. Consider renting equipment, like infant swings, that have a short shelf life but a high sticker price.

Earth Day Garden Projects With Children

Earth day is all about enjoying the world we inhabit and showing it our love and respect. What better way to honor the world than to contribute to it with the ones you love and show them how wonderfully beautiful it is? Here are some great garden projects to share your appreciation of the earth with your children.

  • Start from Scratch – A superb way to introduce gardening to your children is the bucket garden experiment. Just give each child three things: A big bucket, lots of happy soil, and seeds from their favorite plants and flowers. Put it all together and add water!
  • From Plaything to Flower Pot – Old RC cars, stacking toys, aquariums, and whatever else the imagination comes up with can become a plant feeder. Why buy another flower pot when you have an old potty chair?
  • Plant a Pizza Garden – Create some excitement with a garden that comes with a pizza guarantee – kids are more willing to plant tomatoes, onions, peppers, and other veggies they love on their ‘zza.
  • Use it then Reuse it – There’s great lesson in conservation and creativity in saving all the water bottles you produce this month and turning them into nifty hanging tomato planters.
  • Bring in the Butterflies – If your children enjoy butterflies, hummingbirds, or ladybugs, you can plant plants that entice these beautiful creatures.

Grand-Gigs: Retired Folks in the Gig Economy

Newsflash: The gig economy isn’t just a club for hip millennials and slick gen x’ers. According to GoDaddy’s recent research, a quarter of Baby Boomers have a side hustle and it’s really not surprising. Retired folks are ideal candidates for the gig economy. They’re creative, warm, social, flexible, and of course, wise!

Need more convincing? Check out these surprising perks of joining the gig economy.

1) Make Extra Money – You may not need it, but the gig economy provides fun, social jobs helping other people… for money! Drive people around, help with odd jobs, walk dogs, deliver baby gear to traveling families – there are new, ingenius gigs emerging constantly.

2) Stay Busy With a Flexible Schedule – Work in retirement shouldn’t feel like a “job.” Gigs are more flexible than part-time jobs, letting you work when you want while still having time for play, rest and personal hobbies.

3) Be Your Own Boss – Speaks for itself. Most working Americans have a boss. When it come to the gig economy, you are the boss! Feeling lazy today? Don’t work! Want to hustle hard and make some money? It’s in your hands.

4) Unleash Your Inner Creativity – Some entrepreneurial gigs provide great room for creativity. The right marketing idea, a flyer on your local recreational center bulletin board, or networking at a local meet-up or Chamber of Commerce l event can lead to more customers than you ever dreamed of.

5) Develop Skills and Learn About Yourself – One of the best parts about a gig in retirement is that it provides an avenue to learn more. Whether you worked in construction, education, tech, or business, running your own gig business provides many chances to learn new skills.

6) Keep Young – Recent research indicates that working into late life is good for health and longevity. This isn’t a surprise considering gigs and their supportive communities engage you mentally, provide purpose, and keep you on your feet.

7) Tell Friends About Your Job in the New, Hip Gig Economy – Tired of having your kids tell you you’re behind the times? The gig economy is the perfect solution! People will see you in a new light when they tlearn you’ve got a side hustle.

8) Make a Difference – Many gigs are ingenious solutions to age-old problems – no dog walker, no lift to the gym, no way to find a helping hand, the impossibility of lugging babies and baby gear through the airport. Joining the gig economy often means solving real, everyday problems for people in your community. 

Here at Babierge our Trusted Partners range from age 25 – 75, including a constantly growing number of retired folks and couples. If you’re retired and looking for a side-gig that offers better-than-average gig economy earnings, helps you acquire news skills and make new friends, we invite you to sign up and join the Babierge community.

Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! Amber Brown – Salt Lake City

Welcome back to Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! series where we introduce you to the lovely Babierge Trusted Partners, the baby gear entrepreneurs who deliver  strollers, car seats, and cribs straight to vacationing families wherever they may be staying.

Trusted Partner Profile – Amber Brown is a multi-talented mama with roots all over the US. After some time in the DC area, Amber and her family transplanted to Salt Lake City where she currently lives happily cooking, hiking, traveling, and renting out a great selection of baby gear to families visiting Utah’s shining city.

Day job – In addition to a fun side-gig renting baby gear, Amber works at home as a freelance social security disability attorney.

Most Heartwarming Order – One of Amber’s repeat customers is a single mom who comes to Utah from Idaho for medical appointments. After Amber provided this mom with a crib twice and even accommodated her hectic travel schedule after a rough night with her baby, she was super grateful and even wrote Amber a very heartfelt review about how this service made her life easier. It makes Amber’s heart happy to make life easier for other moms.

Most Unusual Gear Request – A customer ask Amber for four bottles of Fiji (HAD to be Fiji) water. Amber was happy to grant this request and pick some Fiji water up on the way to drop off the gear. Turns out this was a new momma breastfeeding her infant who was SO grateful she did not have a car to get to a store and was arriving in the evening.

Funniest Delivery Experience – Once when Amber delivered to a hotel, she had to bring her two younger kids (3 and 6) to “help.” While the hotel staff was showing her where to store the gear prior to the guests arrival, the 3 year old ran off. They searched for him all over the quiet hotel, and (unintentionally) interrupted an employee meeting. Turned out the stinker had run up the staircase and Amber’s daughter finally heard her little brother laughing from the second floor. Quite a stressful five minutes!

Biggest Surprise – Amber was surprised at first when orders started coming in as soon as she was live on the platform. She has since then ramped up her marketing efforts to keep them coming!

Most Fulfilling Rental – Amber’s very first order was a crib to a grandma whose daughter was coming to town. After pickup Grandma needed help removing their own car seat from her car. It was a type of seat Amber had not seen before but she was able to pull up the instruction manual on her phone and get it out. Grandma was incredibly grateful and gave Amber a tip to “get a coke,” which she promptly did 😉 It’s the little moments of gratitude that make being a Babierge partner so fun.

Trusted Partner’s Story in Her Own Words – I’m a hard worker, go-getter type who has struggled to find a balance between work and being at home with my young kids. I like taking on multiple projects and find gratification from all the work I do, even if sometimes it’s too much. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I love renting baby gear to people traveling to Utah and hearing about how happy the toys, thank you gifts, water table (or just water) made them. Buying, prepping, and delivering gear is a LOT of fun. Babierge is not a known entity in my area and I’m excited to help get the word out and see the orders roll in. It’s an idea with staying power that will benefit traveling families far into the future.

It’s been thrilling to learn how a startup like Babierge can grow and expand so quickly and witness the effort of every Trusted Partner and corporate employee in making this success. It’s so fun to watch and be a part of. Babierge really makes a difference for parents in so many different ways. Personally I have no more guilt about all the toys my kiddos never played with – now they’re hot commodities on the rental market! I also love that my kids can come along on drop offs and pickups. They’ve enjoyed helping me with the business doing things like picking out customer thank you gifts and moving around gear. I am proud that they see their mom running a small business, and to show them (as I learn too) what that entails.

Babierge has given me something that is part of me outside of being a lawyer (which kind of becomes your identity). People see that it’s a unique and useful idea that not a lot of people get a chance to be involved in. I feel lucky that I signed up when I did. I’ve gotten to interact with a supportive group of other moms and small business owners and learn from their experience. Salt Lake City’s area other Babierge partner went online a couple of months before I did and has been a generous resource and example to me throughout the process. So much love!

Top 5 Summer Jobs for Teachers

Teachers are embracing the gig economy as a way to earn a little extra money during summer vacation. But which side hustles are best for teachers, given their well-earned need for some down time over the summer months?

We took a look at ideal summer sharing-economy jobs for teachers. To make the cut these gigs had to pay reasonably well, or allow for a lot of schedule flexibility, and be fun–or at least occasionally fun. Even teachers get to let their hair down for some summertime fun.

Here are our five favorite summertime side gigs for teachers:

Babierge (baby + concierge) connects traveling families with “Trusted Partners” at their vacation destination who rent, deliver and set up baby equipment that helps families enjoy all the comforts of home while on vacation. Think Airbnb, but for baby gear.

As a Trusted Partner you’ll load gear like portable cribs, strollers, car seats and bins full of toys into the back of your car and then deliver it to families at local hotels, vacation rentals and private homes. You select the gear you want to rent and set your own rental prices and delivery fees. Babierge builds your Web site, drives business to it and handles your rental transactions and payments. Trusted Partners earn, on average, about $1,000/month.

This is fun and rewarding work. Customers love you. Expect an occasional hug too. Best of all is to see the smiling faces on babies who are super excited to see you show up with toys. Oh happy day!

If you apply to Babierge in early June, you can have your first baby gear orders by the last day of school. Your baby gear career doesn’t need to end in September either. Teachers can rent gear year round by setting delivery hours for before or after the school day.

Rover is another fun, flexible sharing economy platform, connecting dog families with dog lovers who can make a side income as dog sitters. Think about it, boarding dogs overnight, pet sitting during the day or taking groups of playful dogs out for walks around the neighborhood–if you love dogs, it doesn’t get much better than this! You actually can get paid to play with adorable dogs.

Dog sitting can be a great side gig for teachers. While earning a little extra cash hosting dogs in your home you can still catch up on summer reading, or accomplish all the other tasks on your to-do list that were simply impossible to get to during the hectic school year. Dogs can have a calming effect on you too. We all want our teachers cool, calm and collected when that first school bell rings in September. Signing up for Rover is easy peasy. You can earn more than $1,000/month.

Some teachers might want their summer plans to keep them far from the classroom, but if you’re the kind of teacher who can’t get enough instructional time with students, online tutoring is a good work-from-home option. Teachers are great tutors, which is sort of stating the obvious.

It’s easy to get started at Fill out the application and take a test to demonstrate your mastery of any of the wide-ranging subjects offered, including Physics, Calculus, Foreign Languages, Statistics, Sociology, Essay Writing and ESL. The money isn’t great, but there’s a lot of flexibility. According to Glassdoor Tutors are making somewhere between $11 and $14/hr. More challenging subjects tend to pay a little more.

Got a car sitting idle in your driveway? Flying away on a well-earned vacation? Turn your auto into extra cash by renting it out through Getaround, or any of several personal car rental services. Getaround currently offers rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey, Boston, D.C.,Chicago and Portland, with more locations likely to go live soon. Expect more locations soon.

Getaround uses safe and smart technology to unlock your car for the customer through a smartphone. Drivers are screened for safe driving records and have access to 24/7 roadside assistance. Renters can earn up to $10,000 year and are insured for up to $1 million. Get started by listing your car.

Teachers are skilled at more than just, well, teaching. TaskRabbit connects helpers with customers who need assistance with varying tasks like restyling a home, moving furniture, running errands or delivering items.

As part of the signup process, Taskers must undergo a background and identity check. As long as you weren’t robbing banks last year as your summer side gig, this can’t be any harder than the background checks required to be a teacher.

Meet Two Gig Economy Teachers

Joe and Debra Moreno are retired teachers earning a side income renting out baby gear on the Babierge platform in Phoenix. Like so many teachers, Debra and Joe are bright, highly motivated and incredibly empathetic to families dealing with the stress of travel. They’re naturals for a side career in the hospitality industry. They once brought a hungry family a pizza along with their baby gear! Check out their Babierge website to learn more about Joe and Debra.

Whether renting baby gear or running errands, the gig economy offers great options for teachers (and really just about anyone) to change it up, earn a summer side income, and sometimes even have a little fun.

Babierge is a New Force in the Gig Economy

We at Babierge are elated to announce our first appearance in a national media publication. On September 9, 2016 Nicole Audrey Spector included Babierge in a wonderful piece about new opportunities for people wanting to make some hefty cash on the side – gig economy moneymakers.

Here’s the passage:

“Hang on to your baby’s car seats, cribs, and other big accessories — you just might be able to rent them out for some serious dough via Babierge, a baby equipment rental marketplace business.

The company launched last May with the goal of helping vacationing families who don’t want to trudge through the airport carrying bulky baby gear, or pay extra to check it, said Trish McDermott, a Babierge Independent Trusted Partner and mother based of four based in Oakland, California. Instead, parents can rent these items in the locations they’re visiting.

To rent out your baby gear, you would also need to become a “Trusted Partner” — stay-at-home parents, working parents, and even grandparents who have the gear but don’t always have the grandkids are examples of Trusted Partners renting through Babierge, said McDermott.

The Babierge Trusted Partners are creative, ingenuitive parents from around North America

“Trusted partners can make anywhere between $25 on a small rental to over $800, which has been our biggest one time rental so far,” said McDermott.

The most popular rental items on the platform are wooden portable cribs, said McDermott, with a favorite being the L.A. Baby CS-983-A-N 28″ x 52″ Natural Wood Folding Crib, which retails for about $200.”

Thanks to Audrey Nicole Spector at NBC for the awesome work and time she devoted to this piece!