Grand-Gigs: Retired Folks in the Gig Economy

Newsflash: The gig economy isn’t just a club for hip millennials and slick gen x’ers. According to GoDaddy’s recent research, a quarter of Baby Boomers have a side hustle and it’s really not surprising. Retired folks are ideal candidates for the gig economy. They’re creative, warm, social, flexible, and of course, wise!

Need more convincing? Check out these surprising perks of joining the gig economy.

1) Make Extra Money – You may not need it, but the gig economy provides fun, social jobs helping other people… for money! Drive people around, help with odd jobs, walk dogs, deliver baby gear to traveling families – there are new, ingenius gigs emerging constantly.

2) Stay Busy With a Flexible Schedule – Work in retirement shouldn’t feel like a “job.” Gigs are more flexible than part-time jobs, letting you work when you want while still having time for play, rest and personal hobbies.

3) Be Your Own Boss – Speaks for itself. Most working Americans have a boss. When it come to the gig economy, you are the boss! Feeling lazy today? Don’t work! Want to hustle hard and make some money? It’s in your hands.

4) Unleash Your Inner Creativity – Some entrepreneurial gigs provide great room for creativity. The right marketing idea, a flyer on your local recreational center bulletin board, or networking at a local meet-up or Chamber of Commerce l event can lead to more customers than you ever dreamed of.

5) Develop Skills and Learn About Yourself – One of the best parts about a gig in retirement is that it provides an avenue to learn more. Whether you worked in construction, education, tech, or business, running your own gig business provides many chances to learn new skills.

6) Keep Young – Recent research indicates that working into late life is good for health and longevity. This isn’t a surprise considering gigs and their supportive communities engage you mentally, provide purpose, and keep you on your feet.

7) Tell Friends About Your Job in the New, Hip Gig Economy – Tired of having your kids tell you you’re behind the times? The gig economy is the perfect solution! People will see you in a new light when they tlearn you’ve got a side hustle.

8) Make a Difference – Many gigs are ingenious solutions to age-old problems – no dog walker, no lift to the gym, no way to find a helping hand, the impossibility of lugging babies and baby gear through the airport. Joining the gig economy often means solving real, everyday problems for people in your community. 

Here at Babierge our Trusted Partners range from age 25 – 75, including a constantly growing number of retired folks and couples. If you’re retired and looking for a side-gig that offers better-than-average gig economy earnings, helps you acquire news skills and make new friends, we invite you to sign up and join the Babierge community.

Babierge and Kid & Coe Partner to Offer an Even Easier Way to Travel With Little Ones

November 14, 2017 – From today, luxury family travel firm Kid & Coe has partnered with leading baby equipment rental platform, Babierge (baby + concierge), to help families travel light. Say goodbye to trudging through busy airports with bulky baby gear, and exorbitant excess baggage fees, and hello to a new and easier way of traveling as a family.

“While in Los Angeles last year with my young baby, being able to order a crib, linens and toys for my baby from Babierge to suit the child-friendly property I had rented made my stay a whole lot easier. Kid & Coe is in the business of making family travel simpler, and this partnership for us is a no-brainer,” said Kid & Coe founder, Zoie Kingsbery Coe.

“Now in 100 travel destinations in the US and Canada, Babierge partners with leading travel brands that understand the unique needs of traveling families,” said Fran Maier, Co-founder and CEO of Babierge. “Kid & Coe is an ideal partner, as our goals are closely aligned — to help traveling families get the most enjoyment from their vacation.”

For many parents, travel with a baby can be daunting. Babierge takes some of that stress away by delivering and setting up a large selection of clean quality gear, and returning to pick it up on departure day. While many of Kid & Coe’s properties are already set up for young children, this service supplements the items provided, meaning that all the gear, games and toys a traveling family needs can be easily procured in the locations served by Babierge.

The launch of this partnership on Kid & Coe coincides with a move towards offering an enhanced range of services for families, including a concierge partnership with Key Concierge ( and itineraries to inspire family travel from Babyccino (

To view all destinations served by Babierge please visit:

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