Easter Sunday Egg Hunt Tips

Whether you’re keeping it local, or hitting the road this Easter holiday, chances are visions of goodie-packed Easter eggs are already dancing around in your little ones’ heads. Here are a few quick tips for maximizing the fun (and minimizing the sugar) at any egg hunt.

  1. Tidy Smiles – Taking family photos? Schedule your shoot before the egg hunt and big meal so your kids look adorable for pictures.
  2. Avoid Sugar Highs – Fill some eggs with stickers, bunny crackers, finger puppets, stamp rings, bouncy balls, erasers, and our favorite – mini sticky hands! Hatchimal eggs are a great outside-the-box option that kids always enjoy.
  3. Keep it Fair – If there are lots of littles, give each one a specific color of egg to look for so everyone gets about the same amount of treats.
  4. Organize by Age Group – Let the youngest go first and pick up the closest eggs. Leave the hardest to find eggs, and the ones placed at the greatest distance, for the older kids.
  5. Bounce like a Bunny – If you have a large family, consider renting an Easter bouncy house for post-hunt fun. They’ll bounce for hours and have a blast!
  6. Cottontail Trail – For especially tricky to find eggs, use bunny footprints as a hint. You can make them out of cardboard paper and press them into the ground before the hunt.
  7. Easy Peasy – Attend a community egg hunt and let the hosting organization do all the work so you can join your child for the fun.

Traveling this Easter? Contact a Babierge Trusted Partner at your destination for information about local egg hunts around the community. Have a great Sunday!