Babierge Above and Beyond Trusted Partner Award April, 2018 – Amber Brown

This month’s Above and Beyond Trusted Partner recognition award goes to our community’s walking ray of sunshine – Salt Lake City Trusted Partner, Amber Brown. A mom of three energetic kiddos, she juggles a part time career as a disability lawyer while always finding a way to make time for those around her who need help or advice.

Since joining the Babierge platform in May 2017, Amber, along with other Salt Lake City Trusted Partner Annie Kocherhans, have been the ideal example of how two Babierge Trusted Partners can put their energy, capabilities, and time together to create more opportunity and business for the whole rather than working exclusively for themselves. In fact, Annie chimed in to illustrate just how important Amber has been for her:

“Last month Amber definitely went above and beyond! We have started helping each other by borrowing gear when we are out of something. Our market was really busy the few months during the peak of ski season in Park City. We both had all of our cribs out and and had helped each other out quite a bit that week. But Sunday night I ended up having my appendix out. Amber was so helpful in getting all my gear returned that week after and doing 4 pickups for me as well as taking a couple orders that I was unable to fulfill. She definitely deserves this award.”

Looking for someone to pull out the stops for your next vacation in Salt Lake City? Amber and her little helpers are ready to make your vacation unforgettable.

Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! Amber Brown – Salt Lake City

Welcome back to Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Oh My! series where we introduce you to the lovely Babierge Trusted Partners, the baby gear entrepreneurs who deliver  strollers, car seats, and cribs straight to vacationing families wherever they may be staying.

Trusted Partner Profile – Amber Brown is a multi-talented mama with roots all over the US. After some time in the DC area, Amber and her family transplanted to Salt Lake City where she currently lives happily cooking, hiking, traveling, and renting out a great selection of baby gear to families visiting Utah’s shining city.

Day job – In addition to a fun side-gig renting baby gear, Amber works at home as a freelance social security disability attorney.

Most Heartwarming Order – One of Amber’s repeat customers is a single mom who comes to Utah from Idaho for medical appointments. After Amber provided this mom with a crib twice and even accommodated her hectic travel schedule after a rough night with her baby, she was super grateful and even wrote Amber a very heartfelt review about how this service made her life easier. It makes Amber’s heart happy to make life easier for other moms.

Most Unusual Gear Request – A customer ask Amber for four bottles of Fiji (HAD to be Fiji) water. Amber was happy to grant this request and pick some Fiji water up on the way to drop off the gear. Turns out this was a new momma breastfeeding her infant who was SO grateful she did not have a car to get to a store and was arriving in the evening.

Funniest Delivery Experience – Once when Amber delivered to a hotel, she had to bring her two younger kids (3 and 6) to “help.” While the hotel staff was showing her where to store the gear prior to the guests arrival, the 3 year old ran off. They searched for him all over the quiet hotel, and (unintentionally) interrupted an employee meeting. Turned out the stinker had run up the staircase and Amber’s daughter finally heard her little brother laughing from the second floor. Quite a stressful five minutes!

Biggest Surprise – Amber was surprised at first when orders started coming in as soon as she was live on the platform. She has since then ramped up her marketing efforts to keep them coming!

Most Fulfilling Rental – Amber’s very first order was a crib to a grandma whose daughter was coming to town. After pickup Grandma needed help removing their own car seat from her car. It was a type of seat Amber had not seen before but she was able to pull up the instruction manual on her phone and get it out. Grandma was incredibly grateful and gave Amber a tip to “get a coke,” which she promptly did 😉 It’s the little moments of gratitude that make being a Babierge partner so fun.

Trusted Partner’s Story in Her Own Words – I’m a hard worker, go-getter type who has struggled to find a balance between work and being at home with my young kids. I like taking on multiple projects and find gratification from all the work I do, even if sometimes it’s too much. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I love renting baby gear to people traveling to Utah and hearing about how happy the toys, thank you gifts, water table (or just water) made them. Buying, prepping, and delivering gear is a LOT of fun. Babierge is not a known entity in my area and I’m excited to help get the word out and see the orders roll in. It’s an idea with staying power that will benefit traveling families far into the future.

It’s been thrilling to learn how a startup like Babierge can grow and expand so quickly and witness the effort of every Trusted Partner and corporate employee in making this success. It’s so fun to watch and be a part of. Babierge really makes a difference for parents in so many different ways. Personally I have no more guilt about all the toys my kiddos never played with – now they’re hot commodities on the rental market! I also love that my kids can come along on drop offs and pickups. They’ve enjoyed helping me with the business doing things like picking out customer thank you gifts and moving around gear. I am proud that they see their mom running a small business, and to show them (as I learn too) what that entails.

Babierge has given me something that is part of me outside of being a lawyer (which kind of becomes your identity). People see that it’s a unique and useful idea that not a lot of people get a chance to be involved in. I feel lucky that I signed up when I did. I’ve gotten to interact with a supportive group of other moms and small business owners and learn from their experience. Salt Lake City’s area other Babierge partner went online a couple of months before I did and has been a generous resource and example to me throughout the process. So much love!