Spring Wedding Babies!

As a celebration of love, happiness, family, and life itself, it’s only natural for babies and infants to partake in the whirlwind excitement of a wedding. There’s just one catch: sometimes little ones can’t wait to celebrate until after the ceremony.

Here are some tips to keep children calm and content during the gorgeous wedding ceremonies you attend together this Spring, and happy and engaged during jubilant receptions:

For the Ceremony:

Early Risers – Some morning play time will help put your little one in a calm mood during the ceremony and celebrations. They may even fall asleep!

Have a Snack – Tasty, low-sugar snacks your baby loves are great for the ceremony. A happy belly means a quiet baby!

Quiet Entertainment – Colorful board books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, But Not The Hippopotamus, and Zoom, Zoom Baby! or other activities like soft block toys, stacking rings, playdough, and coloring books are quiet and engaging.

Bring a Babysitter – If you don’t want to risk a disruption, consider having a babysitter or family friend walk your baby around the halls or outside during the ceremony. Check with the wedding planner to make sure this is appropriate.

For the Reception – Ideas for hosts and guests

Check In Beforehand – Call the wedding hosts or location to see what gear, toys, and play area options they may have.

Safe Shade – Many weddings happen during the Spring when weather is nice enough for an outdoor reception. Make sure to have a canopy for your little ones to play under.

Bring the Party – Bring pack ‘n plays, exersaucers, and jumperoos to keep the little ones safely entertained while guests have fun.

Satisfied Stomachs – Bring baby foods and snacks that your baby prefers. It’s unwise to expect the wedding reception to have appropriate food for a baby.

Soft Play PartiesIf it’s your wedding, consider teaming with a baby gear rental company to set up a kids zone like a soft play area or quiet room where kids can nap.

Hope you and your baby enjoy many unforgettable Spring weddings!

Outdoor Tips for Spring 2018 Family Adventures

Glimmering lakes, lush forests, cool blue beaches, and snow tipped mountains are just a few unbeatable landscapes to experience in vacation destinations all over North America.

As proponents of exercise and enjoying free, fresh air, we want to make your outdoor adventures as smooth and stress-free as possible, so here are some tips to help you best enjoy nature this Spring.

Keep it Moving – A frame backpack carrier like the Kelty Kid Carrier (there are other brands too) allows kids to run around and enjoy the world so that once they are tired, mommy and daddy can carry them comfortably.

Hold Off the Hunger – You won’t get far without some water and snacks! Hunger sets in quickly on an outdoor adventure, so have plenty of liquids, fruit, and non-sugary snacks.  

Beat the Elements – Be it sunny or rainy, don’t get caught without protection – sunscreen, hats, and even umbrellas.

Take a Pic – Beautiful scenes and fun times are abound in the outdoors – bring a camera so you can hang on to those moments!

Sturdy Sneaks – If your kiddo likes to run around, make sure they have strong shoes like Stride Right or Teva, or water shoes that are easy to wash and dry overnight.

Play Safe – At the beach, forest, or elsewhere, grab a queen or king sized fitted sheet and place anchors like backpacks or coolers at the corners to create a safe play area.

Sweeten the Pot – Planning a hike with a fun activity at the end such as a waterfall, a beach, a view, or a play area will keep the calls of “are we there yet??” at bay.