How to Pamper Mom on Family Vacations

We set the bar rather high in terms of our family vacation expectations. Must-haves commonly include easy travel to a warm, welcoming location; lovely, uncrowded beaches or picturesque pools; a packed itinerary that keeps the family entertained and engaged; scrumptious food and serious family bonding time as we turn off our devices and reconnect with our tribe.

High expectations for our children are fine, but family vacations should also provide an opportunity for parents to rest, recharge, and let out a grateful “ahhh” as we dig our toes into warm sand and pick up the hot-read of fiction. Some moms, especially stay-at-home moms who are accustomed to parenting on an almost 24/7 schedule, might need a little nudge, or loving reminder, that it’s OK to slip away for a little mommy down time. Spouses and partners (and kids!) will reap the rewards of a well-rested, pampered mom for the rest of the vacation.

Here are four easy ways to pamper mom on your next family vacation.

Massage Magic – Let mom start her day with a quiet breakfast followed by a deep tissue massage that works out all the physical and emotional kinks of parenting. Soft lights, even softer music, and a little time to drift where her unencumbered thoughts take her as tight muscles are coaxed into relaxation. Total bliss and luxury!

Afternoon at the Museum – Although it’s likely you’ve already explored some of the kid-friendly museums at your vacation destination, mom might have a museum in mind that has zero kid appeal. Give her the afternoon off to explore her own interests. Oh happy mom!

Solo Dinner and a Movie – Take the kids out for a night on the town, or hunker down in the hotel for a movie marathon, while mom gets to dine at the restaurant of her choice, perhaps lingering over a fine wine, or a luscious desert, before dashing off to see her #1 movie choice.

In-Room Pampering – It may not take much more than thirty minutes in a warm, aromatic bath, a dimmer switch, a candle and a locked bathroom door for mom to unwind. If you’re renting baby equipment for your family vacation, be sure to ask about a Mommy Pamper Package.

No matter where you’re traveling, Babierge has baby gear and rental packages that will pamper your entire family – because you deserve it!

Babierge Hitches a Ride with the Fourie Family

Start with one baby. Add a two-year old and a pre-teen boy. Two teenage girls. Last, mom and dad. Bake that for 7 months, 7 states, 3 countries, and 2,500 miles worth of travel distance and you get the Fourie Family.

Anyone can relate to the amount of preparation and effort the Fourie Fam puts into their trips, journey after journey. It’s all worth it though as mom and dad, Louise and Claude Fourie, have always believed in the benefits of exploration. “There is no better education than sharing this vast and beautiful world and all it has to offer with our children,” says Louise.

When Babierge caught wind of the Fourie Family’s epic travels we had to connect and see if we could come along for the ride. Just our luck, the family obliged and we hooked them up on their recent 4 month journey from Orlando to Arizona with strollers, car seats, toys, and much more.  

“Last year we spent 5 months in the States traveling from Florida to Colorado. For that journey we needed a huge car to take all our stuff and our youngest baby wasn’t even born yet. When I think of how easy this journey has been and how we simply could not have managed without Babierge it makes me feel quite silly that we didn’t think of Babierge much sooner in our travel adventures! Plus, it was so fun getting to meet Babierge Trusted Partners who were very friendly and quite helpful with tips and travel hints for each area. ”

Showing the Fourie Fam how Babierge takes the stress out of family vacations was a pleasure, as partners in Orlando and San Antonio met the Family at the airport and other accommodations with car seats, strollers, toys, and other vital gear. We were happy to catch Louise on her return home in late January to hear about the latest trip, and collect some special family travel tips from these veteran travelers.


  1. Has the Fam really been on the road for 7 months?

We travelled for 5 months in 2016 and then embarked on our Going West Road Trip in December 2017 starting off in Orlando, Florida, driving across the southern States of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally ending up in Las Vegas, Nevada. All in all we travelled over 2500 miles. We’re a travelling family so we spend a fair amount of time in the air or on the road.

  1. What was your favorite stop?

It’s been hard for us all to agree on a favorite destination. We’ve been travelling with the kids’ grandparents (Claude’s parents) and Claude’s dad is obsessed with cowboys and so naturally he loved the cowboy town of Tombstone, Arizona. My bucket-list destination was my favorite – the Grand Canyon. Claude loved a personalized wine tour in Sedona. Most of our kids love Orlando and all the kiddie entertainment and parks there.

  1. Funniest experience?

Late one night we decided to go take a dip in the hot tub at our resort in Orlando. When we got there we were disappointed to see two ladies already in the tub. But a few seconds later we saw a furry creature emerge from the bushes behind the tub and walk right up to the women. When the two ladies turned and saw it they shrieked, shot up, and bolted out of the tub screaming! After thanking the raccoon for his services we enjoyed the hot tub all to ourselves.

  1. Coolest experience?

Probably one of the coolest experiences we enjoyed this trip was racing sports cars in Las Vegas. We got to Drift Race in uber fast cars with a company called Dream Racing on a proper Racetrack – it has got to be one of the coolest experiences I ever had!

  1. What do the kids miss most about home?

Our kids are quite used to being away from home as we travel a lot, but if there’s one thing they miss the most about home it’s probably their own toys and games. It’s hard traveling with Xboxes, bicycles and skateboards but luckily they haven’t missed their toys too much as Babierge has supplied us with fun toys and games along our journey.

  1. Where is the Fourie Fam heading next?

After the States we head back to Italy for a spell and then hit the road again in a few months! We have a few European destinations and then we’ll be back in the USA to explore more of your beautiful country.

  1. Any thoughts about what else a family like theirs might need to rent (beyond baby gear, or gear we aren’t renting)? What do you wish you also had on your journey?

Babierge really did supply everything we needed to make this journey stress free and easy! I know our teenage kids would have loved some Video Games. We like the kids to fully experience the destinations we visit but quite often there’s nothing to do on a rainy day and some video games would go down really well with them – like an Xbox or Playstation.

  1. What types of things are their kids learning on these trips?

Our kids are well travelled. In fact our oldest daughter learnt to walk at an airport in Namibia. JP our 2 year old learnt to walk before flying out of Las Vegas. Besides learning to walk, our kids have discovered amazing things and learnt life skills that they would not have picked up in school or from the tv. Travelling is very much experiential learning which tends to cement certain facts and information a lot more permanently in the mind than some books do.

We believe strongly in learning from other cultures, we try to immerse ourselves as much as possible in every experience. On a recent trip to South Africa our children got to spend a day with traditional Zulu people. We ate Mopani worms and ground Maze into flour. Pierre learned to stick fight and Bali carried pots on her head. We learnt how we live is not how everyone else lives. It opens your eyes to how beautiful, different and sometimes difficult other people’s lives are.

  1. Are your children homeschooled?

When we’re on the road our kids participate in an American Home Schooling program that keeps them up to date with international studies. They also continue with their Italian schooling online with the help of their teachers back home who understand our lifestyle. Our children are bilingual and we hope to further increase their language skills.

  1. What was their favorite Babierge item during the trip?

Although the strollers were probably used the most I’ve got to say the kids probably enjoyed the toy packs the most as these kept them entertained the entire time. A new toy pack in every new destination? Just like Christmas!

Keep up with the Fourie Family and their wild adventures on Facebook and their YouTube channel!

Spring Break Hotspots – Local Tips from the Babierge Trusted Partners

Spring break with your little ones can’t be beat – whether you’re hitting the beach as the weather turns up, catching the last snows of the year, or hoping to watch the foliage return at your favorite national park, there’s family fun to be had! Not sure where to go? The Babierge Trusted Partners have got you covered with some great local activities, eats, and accommodations in their cities.

Don’t forget to rent your Spring Break baby gear early to receive a 10% discount.


Penelope Hayes – Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has been a perfect spring season family vacation destination for centuries because of the variety of activities it offers.

See: Now is the perfect time to hit the beach and avoid the crowds. There are so many other family fun things to do – boat rides to Fort Sumter, horse-carriage rides downtown, an excursion to the South Carolina Aquarium, a day at the Children’ Museum, and much more.

Eat: There are several great restaurants on Shem Creek that will be a hit with adults while keeping children entertained too. Enjoy fresh seafood in a casual setting while the kiddos are watching the return of shrimp boats and dolphins playing among the paddle boarders.

Sleep: The perfect places for families to stay are along the great wide beaches on the Isle Of Palms. There are many homes and condos available for rent, and it’s located only 12 miles from downtown Charleston.

Recommended Baby Gear: Carrying all of your beach gear is a breeze with an all-terrain folding cart.


Michelle Ross and Chrissy Gutierrez – Orlando & Daytona Beach, Florida

Orlando is the classic family destination, get it while it’s (not) hot!

See: Orlando offers all of the theme parks: Disney World, Universal Orlando, and it’s not 100 degrees outside yet in Spring, so it’s much more enjoyable. Epcot Center also has a International Garden Festival every Spring from February 28 through May 28!

Eat: Yellow Dog Eats is your one stop shop for family eats with American staples like BBQ, hamburgers, salads, tacos, and an affordable kids menu! Skip the food lines at Disney World and fill up at this restaurant, about a 20 minute drive from Disney world.

Stay: Any of the Disney hotels are pricey but REALLY awesome! For example the Jamba Lodge at Animal Kingdom actually has safari animals outside the resort so you can see them right from your room if you’re facing the right side – so cool! The Art of Animation is another great place for families with an epic pool for the kids.

Insider Tip: Bring a backpack full of your favorite snacks so you can keep bellies happy between meals. Food and snacks don’t have to be a big expense on a trip to Orlando.

Also: Buy tickets to the Typhoon Lagoon water park after 2pm, they’re discounted and it’s not as hot or crowded.

Recommended Baby Gear: A fun day at the beach requires a lot of bulky beach gear like pails, balls, shovels, and more. Rent a Beach Package instead of lugging all that gear! It includes an umbrella, beach towels, four personal fans, four beach chairs, a tote, and sunscreen for the family and baby as well.


Carolyn Pugh – Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola offers a perfect mix of relaxing beach life and engaging cultural history.

See: Visit the Naval Aviation Museum to see over 150 beautifully restored aircraft, one-of-a-kind flying machines, flight simulators, and a giant movie theatre to catch some footage of America’s fastest machines at work.

Eat: Peg Leg Pete’s is a must visit! Fresh seafood straight from the Atlantic as well as basic items like chicken tenders, steak, and pasta parmesan for those who prefer the cuisine of landlubbers.

Stay: Holiday Inn has a pirate ship & lazy river and Kids ages 19 and under stay for free when sharing their parents’ room. Up to four kids ages 12 and under eat free any time of the day in any Holiday Inn on-site restaurant.

Insider Tip: If you visit the National Aviation Museum on a Tuesday, you’ll see the Blue Angels practicing!

Recommended Baby Gear: A full-size crib! So many families thought they would be fine with a pack ‘n play, only to find out the hard way during their first night that babies sleep better in cribs, just like at home. A sturdy stroller is also a must-have for taking relaxing strolls along the island.


Stephanie Walsh – Sonoma County, California

Sun, wine, open spaces, and great food are all in store during a family trip to Sonoma and Napa counties.

Eat: Luma is the go-to spot for any occasion, special or not! A small restaurant tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in Petaluma, their staff is always friendly, the ambiance is comfortable, and the food is superb!

See: Did you know that Santa Rosa was the home of Charles M. Schulz? His legacy and cherished Peanuts Gang continue to be loved by new generations at the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Next to the museum is the Snoopy Ice Rink and Warm Puppy Cafe where you can cool off and grab some lunch. On the other side is the Children’s Museum of Sonoma which is a wonderful indoor and outdoor space for the kids to play.

Stay: El Dorado Hotel and Kitchen is right on the Sonoma Square and is the perfect place to stay to enjoy the area. Bonus you don’t even have to leave the property to enjoy a great meal; their Kitchen is a great spot for brunch.

Insider Tip: Wine country has become more family friendly and there are many wineries that have made a point to keep your entire family comfortable while mom and dad sit back and do a little tasting. My family’s favorite is Larson Family Vineyard because my daughters LOVE the goats out front and the pups that roam the property.

Recommended Baby Gear: If you are visiting the area in the Spring or Summer I suggest a jogging stroller and an outdoor blanket or pop-up shade structure to enjoy the many wineries and parks this area has to offer.


Mary Martin – Carlsbad, California

A relaxing beach town, Carlsbad is a perfect middle ground for families wanting to enjoy expeditions to both Los Angeles and San Diego.

Eat: Take a nice walk down the Oceanside pier to Ruby’s Diner. Enjoy a burger and milkshake and ocean views all around you. You might even spot some dolphins!

Stay: Consider staying at an Airbnb or VRBO in Carlsbad or Encinitas. Many rentals include bicycles or kayaks for your family to use and are located in prime locations near the beach.

See: If you’re wanting an all day adventure, Legoland Theme Park California has lots of fun to offer for families. There’s even a water park open in the summer months. If you’re looking for a more casual day, Moonlight State Beach offers picnic tables, a playground, volleyball courts, and beautiful scenery.

Insider Tip: Consider finding a place to stay within walking distance to the beach. It will be worth the couple extra dollars to not have to worry about parking and really maximize your stay.

Recommended Baby Gear: You’ll definitely want a Beach Package to keep your family safe and comfortable all day at the beach.


Judi Greenhill – Savannah, Georgia

Avoid the typical hot spots and check out Tybee Island, known as “Savannah’s Beach.”

Eat: The Crab Shack is not awesome because of their seafood feasts and great non-seafood options, but they also have exotic birds and an alligator pond to wow your kiddos.

Stay: Beachside Colony is Tybee Island’s only oceanfront resort, this all inclusive experience has different accommodations for your family’s needs.

See: The Tybee Lighthouse has been guiding mariners safe entrance into the Savannah river for over 270 years! Plus children five and under get in for free.

Insider Tip: Best beach for beachcombing is Mid-Island Beach. This is your best bet for finding seashells!

Recommended Baby Gear: Single or double BOB stroller works great on the beach!


Clara Trujillo – Aspen, Colorado

Come to Aspen in the early Spring to enjoy North America’s premier skiing spot, or watch the snow melt as Spring sets in.

Eat: Jimmy’s Aspen, never disappoints. Offering innovative, American cuisine and the best tequila selections.

Stay: Stay at the luxurious, world renowned, Little Nell, right at the base of Aspen Mountain.

See: Skiing and snowboarding, of course! The little ones always love dog sled tours at Krabloonik, Snowmass.

Insider Tip: Hit up Snowmass Mountain, Naked Lady run for the noon groom. Beautiful sunny, blue skies and undulating slopes make for a perfect ski day. If you’re looking for something more extreme, hike up to the top of the Highlands Bowl for the most epic ski/snowboard ride down you’ve ever had. (Experienced riders, only!)

Recommended Baby Gear: Snowy streets means that having a stroller that can cruise through the snow, ice, and slush is essential. Rent a BOB, Joovy or City Mini GT Stroller so you can enjoy your stroll through town.


Megan Clark – Charlotte, North Carolina

Eat: A unique, local favorite restaurant, enjoy locally sourced pizza at Pure Pizza, located in an old townhouse uptown – you will never tire of this pizza spot, voted Top Best Pizza in 50 States!

Stay: You got to stay at the Ritz Carlton Charlotte! In the heart of a beautiful, walkable, art-filled downtown.

See: US National Whitewater Center is known for whitewater rafting, canoeing & kayaking but they have so much more things to do to name a few: rappelling, rock climbing, hiking & biking trails, live entertainment, craft beers & delicious eats. A fantastic spot to hang out with the family in a relaxed atmosphere that is fun for all ages. Bring a blanket to relax on the lawn enjoying the sights and sounds of the water.

Recommended Baby Gear: The Kelty Backpack Kid Carrier makes moving around the city, parks, hiking trails more mobile & enjoyable.

Insider tip: Charlotte has an amazing “secret garden” that exists here called Wing Haven. It’s one of Charlotte’s best kept secrets & is an escape from urban life. Filled with winding brick trails, water features, sculptures, birds & flowers.

Silent Nights – Help Your Baby Rest Well During Holiday Travel

Does the idea of your baby sleeping smoothly in an unfamiliar place seem like a Christmas miracle? Babierge has some insider tips that will have your baby sound asleep while you relax and enjoy the festivities wherever you travel this holiday.

1) Rent a crib just like at home – Crib rentals are available in travel destinations across the country and make your baby feel safe and secure like at home.

2) Try to keep the same routine as home – If you usually do bath and a story before bedtime, stick to that schedule.

3) Prepare similar meals and avoid new foods after dinner – Last thing you need is an upset tummy. Feed your baby meals like the ones at home and avoid new foods, or holiday sweets, before bedtime.

4) Bring unwashed sheets and some favorite dolls or stuffed animals from home – For toddlers, a favorite stuffed animal or doll feels safe and comfortable. In an unfamiliar environment, sleep comes easier on a sheet that feels and smells like home. 

5) Pack a crib mobile – If your baby is usually lulled into sleep with a mobile, try to bring it along, or rent a similar one at your destination.

6) Adjust for timezone changes – Two schools of thought: One says gradually nudge your baby’s nap and bedtime closer to your destination time zone, starting the week before you travel. Another supports sticking with your home time zone for short trips.

7) Renting? Ask if they have a dark room, or room with shades for naps and earlier bedtimes – You can also bring or rent blackout shades that stick to windows.

8) Sound machine – If you don’t use already use one, start the week before you leave, especially if you’re traveling to a noisy place.

9) Never hurts to pack Tylenol or Motrin, just in case! – Disinfect your way through airports and long flights and wash hands – a lot! Bring your standard meds along too, as kids are exposed to lots of new germs when traveling. Sick littles ones can have long, difficult nights.

10) Rent a cool mist humidifier – The air in arid or elevated destinations can be dry. A cool mist humidifier (never use a warm mist humidifier around little ones) can help babies sleep more comfortably.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a baby was stirring…

All of us at Babierge wish you silent nights and warm, cozy, fun-filled days full of rest and relaxation during your holiday travel.


Why Rent Baby Gear?

shutterstock_588979586 (1)Imagine this start to your next family vacation: You leave home on time, your baby in one arm as you roll your only gear, one small suitcase, with your other. No lines at a kiosk for checking gear and zero hassles through security. Walking easily through the airport, you grab a bite before the plane, laughing and enjoying the stress-free vacation kickoff with your family.

Millennial parents understand that borrowing is so much better than buying (and lugging) baby gear on family vacations. As the leading baby gear rental platform, Babierge solves a classic family travel conundrum – how the heck do you get through the airport and to your destination with little ones, luggage, and the pile of gear you need to relax and have fun with your family?

You don’t. Many Millennial parents are packing light and leaving their gear behind. That’s where baby equipment rental platforms like Babierge step in.

You can now have a wide array of quality baby gear delivered to your hotel or vacation rental upon arrival. Even better, have a Babierge Trusted Partner meet you at the airport with a car seat and stroller – and off you go. Baby gear delivery takes the hassle and stress out of family travel and makes for a better experience on all ends.

shutterstock_208828243 (1)

Here’s just a few of the ways baby gear delivery makes family travel fun and relaxing:

Body – No more back pain, bruises, or getting battered with your own baby gear as you lug it through crowded airports or try to cram it in the trunk of your Lyft car.

Sleep – Babies and toddlers sleep better in a full-size crib, just like the one at home. When your little ones sleep through the night, everyone gets to relax and rest.

Play – You’ll never have to worry about hearing the dreaded, “I’m bored” from your kiddo when there’s a 32 gallon container of toys and books waiting for them in the hotel room. 

Adventure – The right gear gets you out of your hotel and onto the trails, the beach or any of the countless family attractions available at your vacation destination.

Save Money – Avoid ever-increasing luggage fees, and having to upgrade your rental car to a larger size in order to accommodate all your gear. 

Car Seat Convenience – Have car seats and everything else delivered to you at the airport if you’re grabbing a Lyft or Uber, or the rental car desk. This way you don’t have to worry about securing a car seat from the rental company, as they commonly run out of inventory.

Damaged Baby Equipment – No more last minute stress of having to replaced damaged gear while the clock is ticking on your precious vacation hours. 

Environmental Impact – Avoid the guilt of over-shopping and extra spending that comes with buying new gear and then abandoning it at your destination.

shutterstock_493859077 (1)

Babierge rents, delivers and sets up exceptionally clean and quality baby equipment in more than 100 vacation destinations. View our locations at

Recipe for a Great Canadian Thanksgiving

The leaves are starting to change colour and the weather is growing crisper. You know what that means – families will soon begin their journeys to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with their loved ones.


On the second Monday of October, Canadians across the globe return home to their families to celebrate and express thanks for what they have. With all the family together it’s helpful to plan engaging activities to keep everyone, young and old, entertained. Here are some fun activities that will ensure a great time for your family in Toronto.

Visit a local farm and enjoy the harvest – Many farms across the greater Toronto area have charming family attractions like petting zoos, arts and crafts, corn mazes, tractor rides, pumpkin patches, and more. Many farms also have pumpkins available for purchase so this is a great time to pick the best pumpkin you can for your Halloween carvings.


Apple picking – Thanksgiving is a great weekend for apple picking. Nothing says Canadian Thanksgiving like picking apples and eating them right from the trees. This is also a great opportunity to try warm apple pies available for sale. Don’t forget that pumpkin pie either! Both are staples for a classic Thanksgiving dinner

Take in the Fall colours – Visit any Ontario Park to take a hike and see all the beautiful colours and foliage the area has to offer. And don’t forget how fun it is to jump in the leaves… for you and the children!


Visit attractions in Downtown Toronto – Toronto has many family attractions to offer families around Thanksgiving. Be sure to visit the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, the Toronto Zoo, Black Creek Pioneer Village, Casa Loma, Distillery District, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Science Centre, and many more.

Gear Up for Grandbabies – If you’re a grandparent expecting young visitors this Thanksgiving, make sure your little guests and their parents have everything they need for an easy going holiday. It’s wise to gather games and toys you can enjoy with the little ones. Consider a high-end hiking backpack so you can work off those calories from the big feast while enjoying the gorgeous Canadian outdoors!

Thanksgiving is all about being with family, creating memories with your loved ones, and carrying on traditions. However your Canadian Thanksgiving may look, don’t forget to take a moment to truly appreciate everything you have and be thankful for the wonderful country we live in!

Need a full-size wooden crib to host your grandbaby this Thanksgiving? You can rent that, as well as an assortment of baby and kid gear, books, games and toys at Babierge Toronto. Click here to rent your baby gear early and and receive a 10% holiday discount!

Sara Pereira is a Babierge Trusted Partner in Toronto. She rents all kinds of baby equipment like strollers, carseats, cribs, and toys to families traveling to Canada and to local grandparents and relatives hosting grandchildren for Thanksgiving!

What Not to Pack for a Grandparents Day Visit

Jimmy Carter signed Grandparents Day into existence in 1978, but none of us need a proclamation to recognize the value our parents play in our children’s lives. Grandparents are everyday heroes, especially to our little ones. What better way to honor those heroes than with a visit?

Grandparents and parents with a baby girl on mum’s knee

Make your visit an easy, hassle-free travel experience by packing light, bringing carry-on luggage only, and renting all the baby equipment you’ll need at your destination.

To help maximize this precious family time together, you’ll want to focus on two critical factors – great sleep and engaging daytime activities. Quality naps and restful all-night sleeping are must-haves for the whole family. One way to help your babies sleep through the night in unfamiliar places is to provide a full-size wooden crib with a comfortable mattress, just like the one at home. You’ll want to rent a crib and have it delivered and set-up in advance of your arrival.

Insider tip: be sure to pack the sheet your baby slept on the night before. This way the crib feels and smells just like the one at home.


Keep your little ones comfortable and entertained all day with an assortment of age-appropriate baby gear: infant swings, bathtubs, high chairs, and strollers for leisurely walks through the park are some of the bigger items to rent. Toys, games, and books are also available to rent and will provide for hours of happiness for babies and their grandparents.


The right baby gear magically transforms a long weekend with grandparents to the best fun ever–for you, your babies and their grandparents. Avoid a grumpy, sleepless trip to your parents’ house with the right gear. 

Make loving memories and avoid lugging your bulky baby gear this Grandparent’s Day. Babierge Baby Gear Rentals is in over 80 markets around North America. Where would you like to make memories this Grandparent’s Day?


Are There Kid-Friendly Airports?

Short Answer is YUP!

Babierge + Family Friendly Airports
Traveling as a family is fun when choosing these locations.

As families, we know what an airport experience can be like and we are thankful for this Top 10 list.  There are some amazing airports in our country that have special things to keep little ones entertained.

Family Vacation Critic sites the Top 10 and there are some amazing things that these airports have done to make traveling easier and more enjoyable for our families. Here’s the list!

Wow Chicago O’Hare (ORD) is #1 with an aviation themed playground and legos and #2 is San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has everything from a museum, to underwater world – oh and a plasma wall that interacts with sound.

Babierge Baby Equipment Rentals is available to help you after you leave some of these airports. Easily book online for a car seat, full-size crib, toy package, stroller – you name it! Their high-end service can deliver it to the airport or to your home-away-from-home. See Babierge Chicago for Baby Equipment Rentals and See Babierge San Francisco for your Baby Gear.