Tips for a Family-Friendly Small Town 4th of July Vacation

How is it that school is out and the 4th of July is already right around the corner, again? If you’re like many parents, it’s been a busy year and you haven’t had a minute to finalize your Independence Day travel plans. Here’s a little help. If you’re traveling with little ones, why not think small this 4th of July? Small town Independence Day activities tend to be very kid friendly.

shutterstock_3327464181) Pack light. Avoid the hassle of lugging your babies, luggage and bulky baby gear through crowded airports, while still enjoying all the baby-friendly comforts of home while on vacation this July 4th. Babierge will deliver and set up a wide array of baby and child equipment and toys at your hotel or vacation rental, and then return to pick it all up on departure day. Consider renting a comfy, quality crib so your baby sleeps well – this way everyone gets to relax and recharge.

2) Attend a small-town parade. Small scale parades offer an ideal opportunity to experience all the Independence Day spirit with your little ones, with little hassle. Parking is easy, there are no huge crowds to navigate through, and you’ll find short lines for snacks and drinks—and bathrooms! Best of all you can park the kids in the front row where they can interact with parade participants. Be prepared to be squirted with water pistols in warmer climates, and bring little bags to collect candy and other treats tossed from floats.

3) Prepare for the heat. Make sure to pack sunscreen, hats and a lot of water for everyone, especially if you expect to be out all day. If you’re renting a baby backpack, get one with a sun shade, like this Kelty Pathfinder backpack, a favorite of many parents, which sports plenty of extra room for drinks and snacks (and it comes with a changing pad!). To cool down your baby after the parade, rent a water table so the entire family can splash around in a yard or park.

4) Learn Independence Day history.  If you happen to be in Boston, take your little ones on a journey back to the 18th century.  They can play colonial games, meet 4th of July Hero Paul Revere and even throw tea in the Boston Harbor at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. Independence Day offers ample opportunity for your children to experience a little history in cities and small towns around the country. Visit a local history museum at your vacation destination. Small town museums are often an ideal experience for younger children who can be overwhelmed by larger, busy museums.

5) Make Fireworks Kid Safe and Friendly. Noise-cancelling headphones are a Fourth of July must-have for babies age 3 months and over.  This is especially true for young children who love the fireworks but can’t tolerate the noise. Distance, as in keeping your distance from the smoke and the loudest noise, is the way to go. Many small towns across the US host fireworks that are kid friendly and still quite spectacular.

Enjoy the Firecrackers, Roman Candles and Skyrockets this Independence Day! And most of all, enjoy your time with your children.

Visit the Babierge 4th of July Pinterest Board for more kid-friendly ideas.

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