Top 5 Things Gleaned From Traveling Moms

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Top 5 Things Gleaned From Traveling Moms
Top 5 Things Gleaned From Traveling Moms

So it’s that time again, the time that we are reminded to honor and celebrate our Moms. If you are anything like me, our minds wander… and we start to think of every woman figure in our life!

It starts with our Mom, or maybe our Grandmother, their Mom, a great friend… and then we come back home to our bodies, and realize – Hey! I’m a Mom too.

In fact, believe it or not, I have heard many times that this holiday is baloney, and that we should treat everyday like it’s Mother’s Day. Have you heard this? What were your thoughts?

I am a Mom too
I am a Mom too

For me, I am so thankful we have it – that we have this ‘official’ day to set on our calendar… and that it comes around each year for us. It really allows me, the space and time, to pause, breathe, and truly appreciate our loved ones in our lives.

As the Founder of a service-based family business, I am grateful that I get to work with Moms and the like, all the time!  My company, Babierge rents baby equipment to traveling families and local grandparents and I personally, have met over 500 traveling Moms – face-to-face!

Here are the Top 5 things that I have noticed working with traveling Moms…

  1. Moms want the best for their babies – Most Moms intentions are ultimately good and as we all know, being a Mom can be demanding and gratifying, both at the same time. I really think we are all doing the very BEST that we can. I encourage you, to replace that (silly, old, and primitive) thought to judge another Mom, with the thought that ‘she is doing the very best that she can’ and see how your life changes. This small shift, will change our world!

A woman (and a Mom, and a CEO of a tech company) that I look up to in big ways, Lisa Abeyta, wrote a wonderful article that expresses this, much better than I ever could…

  1. Moms are fun and adventurous – We are no longer a culture that wants to stay at home with our things.  Moms want to get out into the world and make memories – not only for herself but for her children.  getOutThereDaily life is full, and sometimes we get really distracted, and caught up in the past and future kinds-of-things. I think we can all agree that, while on vacation, time moves much more slowly (it’s a good thing) and we are more focused on the present moment and the faces that are right in front of us.
  1. Moms try and make everyone’s lives easier – As Moms we are natural-born nurturers and this surely helps while away from home, however, sometimes we need to be told to rest and kick up our feet. We ‘probably’ need a margarita. And if she doesn’t drink, I’ve never met a Mom who didn’t like an Iced Tea! Make one for us, instead of waiting for us to make one for you.
  1. Moms are great under pressure – Life never goes the way we want it, but somehow I find, Moms can make lemonade from lemons, better than anyone else on this planet. I have seen some pretty amazing Mothers exhibit extreme compassion and fast-thinking under pressure.  These qualities mean so much to me, and it is truly something I think we ALL work on, for our entire lives.
  1. Moms make unforgettable experiences a priority – I think as Moms, we really want our children to see and experience the world.  Moms tend to be the ones, to plan and book time outside the house. They are the ones that just tell husband or kids, where and when, to show up. This isn’t always the case, but I have noticed on a very recurring basis – that it is really important for Moms, to create the space and time for family and friend relationships to build, grow, and to ultimately last.
Thank You Mom
Thank You Moms

So, Babierge has independent Trusted Partners in various locations all over the US, and we all work to help traveling families make long-lasting memories while they are away from home.

Babierge Baby Equipment Rentals
Babierge Baby Equipment Rentals

I was talking to them today about the upcoming Mom holiday and here are some of the things they had to say with regard to Mother’s Day and the important Mom figures in THEIR lives…

Excellent blurb from our Trusted Partner, Yvonne Christiansen who is helping families all over the Twin Cities in Minnesota:

“I have many positive and strong female mentors and role models in my life. I have learned and incorporated much from their accumulated wisdom including the mantra: “The more energy you put into something, the bigger it gets.” I recall when my son was 2 he pitched a fit in a store, and rather than put energy into that, I totally ignored him, and he realized he looked a fool and stopped. He never threw a tantrum again. In my older age that same philosophy translates into choosing my battles…recognizing when a dynamic is worthy of my limited supply of energy, and when it is not. I am sincerely thankful for the strong women in my life who have helped shaped me as a woman and mother.”

Meet Yvonne


Love this – this one is about attitude and confidence. Our Trusted Partner in Los Angeles, Sarah Huff says that “One of the most important things my mom ever told me was to “fake it ’til you make it”- start putting out the positive energy and it will all work out in the end!”.

Meet Sarah

Life is so much about attitude huh?


Christina, our Trusted Partner in Chicago says this, “One of the most important things my mom taught me was to treat others how you want to be treated! It sounds juvenile, but this has grown with me throughout my life! I’ve taken this mantra to work on dealing with co-workers as well as my personal relationships, and it really does make a difference in my marriage 🙂 Now, How am I going to apply this when dealing with my kids 😉

Meet Christina

I need to keep this in the back of my mind too – great reminder!


Laura Herndon, our beloved Trusted Partner in San Antonio says, “My mom taught me how to get in touch with my creative side. She never made my siblings and I feel like we were striving for perfection, she knew that in order go through the creative process, we had to try and fail, and that learning was happening and that were were growing creatively. There was so much room for creativity in our home that I became a professional artist. I also love to sing and play ukulele. My brother is a musician and runs a theater group, and my sister sings, plays guitar and runs a theater group. I can attribute my identity as a creative soul to my mom who exemplified that in her own life through singing, drama and art.

So amazing Laura!


Heather Munro, our Trusted Partner in Memphis says this about her Mom, “There are so many things my mom taught me, but one of the most important lessons I learned from her was to value myself. She always made a point to tell me, that I was smart, beautiful, strong and I was the prize. No matter what, I could do anything I put my mind to, anything at all. She was right, when you have a strong belief in yourself you can accomplish whatever you desire.

Meet Heather

Such lovely words!


Imagine this… Fran, our Trusted Partner in San Francisco says this, “My mom was a flight attendant in the early 60s flying at first between Havana, Miami, and New York. This was very glamorous at the time!  My mom gave me the desire to travel and to think beyond the small town (Santa Fe) in which we were both raised.   She also gave me the advice to always wash my hands and wear sunscreen!

Meet Fran

Sounds interesting, huh? I want to learn more!


Our CFO, Jason Couillard says this, “My Mom always taught me to try my hardest and never give up!

Wise words!


For me, Kerri Couillard, my Mom taught me this, “Don’t lie, fess up things will be better that way, forgive quickly, be strong and confident, have fun, and jam out to music in the car, oh and try and tame thy tongue!

Meet Kerri

Thanks Mom!


** For us, the world would be a much better place, if parents felt GREAT about traveling together as a family, knowing they had on-demand access to familiar products and services while away from home.

Babierge – You Deserve Vacations Like This!

Also note that we do have opportunities to become our Trusted Partners.

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